Thursday Things

  1. Racking my brain for what to make with the oodles and oodles of fresh raspberries we picked this weekend up at the farmhouse. Do I want cake? A tart? A pie? A cocktail? All of the above?
  2. I’m officially the weirdo at the dog park who lunges around the perimeter while my dog plays with his friends. Figured I should use that time wisely since we’re there for over an hour every day.
  3. Laundry may be my least favorite chore. Ever. I’ve been trying to steadily do at least one load before work every day so my days off aren’t entirely taken over by dirty clothes. But, I truly detest it.
  4. Seth and I have discussed what living in a joint household will be like and God bless this man, he loves doing the laundry! And hates doing dishes. Which I love! We work so well together.
  5. I made a quick trip down to Chicago Sunday morning to have brunch with my friend Jen from SC (naturally at Mindy’s HotChocolate) and get a celebratory drink with Elise.
  6. While driving I was listening to MFM and freaking myself out and NOW! I get to freak myself out even more because one of my best friends started a true crime podcast! It’s call Pop, Wine, & Crime and y’all can get the first episode wherever you download your podcasts (and if you don’t listen to podcasts…what the heck?).
  7. Kylie Jenner is nearly a billionaire and I picked up dog poo this morning. Ah, well.
  8. Serena Williams is killing it and continues to be the only reason I’m even remotely interested in tennis.

Mustard Roasted Red Potatoes (& Monday nights)

Tonight, my fiancé (pinch me, please) and I are going to enjoy a celebratory dinner at his farmhouse up north (where we will get married next year). There will steak. There will be wine (for me). There will be beer (for him). There will be chocolate cake (for us).

And there will be these potatoes.

My favorite way to make ‘em. And I’ve made and eaten a lot of potatoes. It’s one of the main food groups in Wisconsin, afterall.

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Angel Food Cake (& the elderly)

I’ve always considered angel food cake to be kind of an “elderly” dessert. Something grandparents crave or that is served at the VFW Bingo Night. Never something I wanted or even considered as a legitimate dessert option. They were always lauded for their airy-ness, low-sugar content, and lack of fat. (Especially the ones at the grocery store in those clear plastic containers.) Umm…hello? This is dessert. I want rich. I want sugary. I want fatty. Thankyouverymuch.

My lack of desire for what I deemed to be a senior sweet is surprising considering my taste in every other area of my life. My house looks like that of anyone’s great aunt (I do love me a good floral pattern and light pink color scheme), I prefer vintage items to new, and I drive a Buick the size of a small yacht. I love old people tropes, relish in them.

It wasn’t until I dusted off my own two-piece tube pan (given to me by my grandmother years and years ago, getting carried from house to house on the off chance I’d suddenly be struck with the urge to make a dessert I had no interest in), that I realized what I’d been missing out on for nearly two decades of my life. Yes, it was light. Yes, it was delicately sweet. Yes, it was delicious! Especially when paired with fresh whipped cream and macerated berries (or even some jam!)

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Seth’s Strawberry Jam (& second dates)

On our second date, Seth brought me homemade jam instead of flowers.

“I thought you could get more use out of it.”

That, to me, was the height of romance.

The next morning, I spread some on my toast. Sweet, fresh, fragrant. It was better than I’d imagined. Much like our second date.

Since then, he has not only brought me flowers (hand picked and arranged by himself) numerous times, but he’s given me more jars of jam.

And now, after last week, I know how to make the magical jam. The romantic jam.

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