Tiramisu Cream Puffs (& support)

“If you don’t mind – I’d really like you to be in the picture with us.”

We were sitting around the table, finishing up the catered breakfast. We’d been up since 4am to make it to breakfast at 7:30. Farmers and their early mornings. All around us other farmers were eating and drinking, discussing crop yields and “this weather we’re having.” We swam in a sea of plaid shirts and dirty baseball caps, a chorus of “You betcha!” and “Where ya from?” rang out.

Seth and his father were being honored for their farmhouse in Shawano – it had been in the family for over 100 years, a true milestone. Even I, a non-farmer raised on a non-farm, knew that. Seth had asked me to be there, at the State Fair, when his family was awarded. To share in the moment, hear when his name was called.

I cheered and whooped when the announcer said his county, his last name. Correctly, I might add, which wasn’t the case with all the other farmers. (I don’t know if you know this, but Wisconsin is home to some doozy counties and even doozier family names.)

More names were called, more weathered hands were raised – acknowledging the achievement and then quickly returning to seats. Most of these folks weren’t used to being in the spotlight, they were just doing what they’d always done, what their parents (and their parents’ parents) had always done. The tent was filled with a quiet and certain pride, the recognition may not have been desired, but it was well deserved. The list was longer than I expected, the calling and clapping continued through two cups of coffee – hot, strong, fuel to get through a morning at the Fair and a day in the fields.

Then came the photos with the plaque, the flowers, the smiling shoulder to shoulder. I was honored to be involved. Honored Seth had wanted me there by his side, with his family. The photo would be framed and hung at the farm. Maybe for the next hundred years.

Seth thanked me for being there – as if I would want to be anywhere else. In reality, I should have been thanking him. And I try to every day. Because, he doesn’t wait for an awards ceremony to support me, to celebrate me. He’s here, every day, reading my words, listening to my worries, and eating my wares. Constant and consistent care for my dreams, ideas, hopes, and feelings.

He believes in me.

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Thursday Things

  1. These gorgeous baby bites were up on Ernessi’s IG stories earlier this week. I’m hoping to do this from time to time so be sure you follow them so you don’t miss a single simple recipe!
  2. I’ve been listening to Dear Hank and John again now that I’ve got a backlog of episodes. For whatever reason I only listen to podcasts if I can listen to 20+ at a time.
  3. Because I’ve been listening to them (and taking the smallest break from MFM late at night in the hopes of sleeping better), I found out about this couple and their $160 million stolen painting!
  4. Last winter I found a Clinique face wash at TJ Maxx and promptly bought it. My skin never looked better! Around April I ran out and hadn’t bought another bottle. Cue my skin looking worse than it had in years. I always said because I had been very lucky to have good skin that I would be unfortunate enough to develop adult acne. And develop it I have! I’ve tried a few different face washes – organic, natural, gentle, etc. since April and they just haven’t helped. If anything, my skin’s gotten worse. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new bottle (at full price) and I swear my skin has already improved!
  5. Nobody else cares about that, do they?
  6. Found this dress on major clearance and fixed it by cutting that stupid thing around the neck off. WHY IS THAT A TREND?!
  7. When we were at my aunt’s house Sunday a lot of my family interacted with Edgar for the first time since we began training. There was a chorus of “He’s a new dog! There’s been so much improvement!” and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t both proud and surprised. Being that I see him every day I don’t have the perspective to see his improvements – it was really quite beautiful.
  8. Add to that the fact I was able to get him to fetch a ball four times in a row yesterday and I may agree with the sentiment of having a new dog.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a Midwestern staple.

Hearty. Filling. Cheap.

That’s what we’re all about here.

However, it took me moving down South to really learn how to harness the power of the potato. After three years there I have finally honed the art of the mashed potato. They are simple yet flavorful, and the results are do largely to the technique more than the ingredients.

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Thursday Things

  1. Amanda Shires came out with a new record!!! It. Is. Amazing. Parking Lot Pirouette is my favorite. Haunting, melodic, moving. Guys.
  2. *Googles her tour dates immediately.*
  3. Seth and I went to the State Fair earlier this week with his family. Neither one of us had been to the fair in well over a decade. It was just as I’d remembered though – too hot with too many people. At least the cream puffs were a dream.
  4. This weekend my aunt and cousins will be back in Wisconsin for the second time this summer – I’ll get to see them and squeeze them and cry from how much I’ve missed them.
  5. The fall scents are out at Bath and Body Works! Meaning I picked up a candle in my absolute favorite scent.
  6. Also grabbed a few bottles of body oil – they’re my favorite thing to put on after a shower. It’s my secret to soft skin, especially in the cooler months!
  7. I made a huge batch of those green beans from yesterday to go with a Beer Braised Pot Roast and rounded out the whole meal with some garlic mashed potatoes. I’ll share the recipe for those soon!