Hey y’all! I’m Amanda, thank you so much for stopping by!

I started this food blog many moons ago as a way to combine my passions of writing run-on sentences and making delicious food. It’s evolved over the years (as have I), turning into a serious exercise in creativity and a food photography business.

I’ve been futzing around in the kitchen since I was an itty-bitty thing. No matter where I’ve been in my life (physically, mentally, or emotionally) the kitchen, and the food I can churn out of it, has always remained a constant. I’m fortunate enough to have some really great teachers – like my beloved grandma, former coworkers, and major food writing idols. I’m entirely self-trained (and self-failing) as a home baker, but have made a few laps around a restaurant’s prep table. Everything I make is decidedly “home spun” and aimed at encouraging at-home kitchen creators!

What is Midwest Nice?

Midwest Nice isn’t just a feeling, it’s a state of being. It’s shoveling your neighbor’s driveway. It’s stopping to talk to your mom’s coworker’s wife in the grocery store aisle. It’s making a double batch of strawberry jam so you have enough to hand out to friends. There is something intrinsically simple and supremely satisfying about being Midwest Nice that has always been a part of my life and is now a part of my food.

It is my hope that with every meal I create and every recipe I share that you feel inspired, delighted, and encouraged. And that you pass those feelings on to your loved ones in the form of a homemade treat. It’s the Midwest Nice thing to do.

A little about me:

  • I am married to the absolute best guy around. Seth is my light and my love and my biggest cheerleader. He’s also the head recipe taste-tester and isn’t afraid to tell me what he really thinks.
  • The other man in my life has four legs and a tail. His name is Edgar and I’m a better woman for taking care of him.
  • I love winter more than most people. After living in the South for years, I made a promise to myself that upon my return to Wisconsin I wouldn’t complain about the cold. I have (mostly) stuck to that promise.
  • I am unabashedly and enthusiastically a Fanson (that’s a fan of Hanson for those out of the loop). They made more wonderful music besides MMMBop.
  • Pen and paper will always be my preferred choice of writing. I have a monthly planner and notepad I carry around with me wherever I go.

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