Thursday Things

  1. Edgar has enjoyed his first visit to Door County. And even got featured on the Travel Wisconsin Instagram Stories! My baby’s a star! (I’d be such a horrendous stage dog-mom.)
  2. Ya girl knows how to start a fire now! Seth taught me up at the cabin. And it’s a good thing too, because I was freezing when I got up yesterday morning and didn’t want to wake Seth. I managed to get a roaring fire going before he even got up! I’m quite proud of myself.
  3. I’m also proud of myself for this brioche loaf. I haven’t made loaves of bread since my GB&D days so to say I was shocked and amazed is truly an understatement. It was a modified version of the recipe for these buns that I’ll be sharing shortly!
  4. I highly recommend marrying the guy who fixes things at AirBnbs. There hasn’t been a single place Seth and I have stayed in our time together where he hasn’t fixed something. Replacing a porch light, getting a bathroom door back on its tracks, fixing a broken lock (or three). He’s done it all.
  5. I also highly recommend marrying the guy who sneaks up to the AirBnb a day early to leave bouquets of flowers, cards, and gifts around the cabin as an amazing surprise to make a work trip more enjoyable.
  6. Wine tastings have also made this work trip more enjoyable! They’ve been amazing networking and photography opportunities. And have helped us find a few of our new favorite vinos.
  7. It’s time to check horse drawn sleigh ride off my bucket list. Have you ever gone on one? Ours was freezing but fabulous!

Thursday Things

A food photographer enjoying her job!
  1. My friend/client (and successful restauranteur! And AirBnb owner! And boutique runner!) Matt snapped this pic of me while we were doing some work last year (still so weird to say!) and I high key love it.
  2. Made some mushroom and wild rice soup this week and figured out a secret! Pan roast the ‘shrooms before adding them! They get all roasty and toasty and full of flavor. Then, when the soup is nearly done, you just dump all the roasty bits and flavorful juices into the pot! Life changing.
  3. I’ve been listening to more personal growth and entrepreneurial podcasts as of late. Two new faves? She Makes Money Moves and Goal Digger. What inspirational/informational podcasts do you listen to?
  4. Very into lettuce wraps, atm. Yesterday I made chicken Caesar salad lettuce wraps (and shared the process on my stories – if you’re interested!) and later this week I’ll be make my spicy shrimp lettuce wraps! That bang bang sauce is good good!
  5. THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL. I repeat: THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL!!! Fran Drescher is partnering with Rachel Bloom on the project and it’s two of my favorite women from two of my favorite shows working in one of my favorite mediums and omg!!!!!!! Booking my trip to NYC right now!
  6. Speaking of trip – in six short weeks I’ll finally be setting sail with Kristen on the Golden Girls Cruise! Gotta start making cheesecakes now so I’m ready!
  7. A friend of mine told me I should be Mona Lisa from Parks and Rec for Halloween this year and after rewatching some of her episodes…I’m kind of into the idea?!
  8. I’m here to tell you to just send the dang email, ok? The one that we all have sitting in our draft folder, the one that we have a reminder set to send. Just, send it. Ok? Thanks.
  9. I’ve been doing sudoku puzzles every morning for about three months or so and yesterday I had a personal triumph wherein I completed a “hard” level puzzle. Felt good.

Thankful Things

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all enjoying time with your family and friends, eating food that was made with love and filling yourself up with carbs and the comfort that comes from gratitude.

I just wanted to take a minute out of all the pie and pilgrims to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For all of you, any of you, who have ever read, commented, followed along, or made a recipe. For any of you who have supported me in any way. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I am, without you. So, thank you.

There’s one reader in particular I want to give my utmost thanks to – my husband. He is the reason you’re reading more posts, seeing more pictures. He’s the reason I’m following my dreams. He is steady and strong. I am eternally grateful for his love and encouragement. Thank you, sweet Seth.

May today kick off the happiest holiday season for you and yours. As for me and mine, I’ve already donned a Christmas sweater and mulled some cider for an evening of Elf viewing. May our gratitude flow like maple syrup over spaghetti <3

A Very Special Thursday Things

This isn’t the usual “Thursday Things” post. (Then again, since I haven’t posted in two months, what can be considered “usual” here anymore?)

We got married!


At the brewery where we met.


My husband is a babe.


Emotions were running high. In the best way.


I made our cakes.


We had a potluck meal.


And handed out favors of Seth’s strawberry jam


It was everything we’d ever dreamed of. And more.


My best friend, Mandy, took some of these lovely photos.


And some of the not-so-lovely ones. (Real life, what’re ya gonna do?)


My husband’s (gosh, that’s fun to say!) friend, Josh, took some too.


We are slowly but surely setting up our new life together. That includes packing up everything Edgar and I own and moving it down to the Lake to be with Seth. It’s going to take time. And patience. And lots of boxes. But, as with everything else that’s been happening around here – it’ll get done. (To offer a very quick update: in a matter of eight weeks I have started a new job, planned the wedding with Seth, then had the wedding, only to then move to Seth’s, and finally travel to Europe.) And it’ll be wonderful. Just like our wedding day.


I hope to be here more. I missed y’all.