Thursday Things

  1. Seeing a photograph of mine on a magazine cover will never, ever, ever get old. And if it does, someone slap me. The latest issue of Edible Door County is out and I am so pleased to have contributed two new recipes that showcase peas (and of course provide the photo for the cover).
  2. CHARLIE BERENS IS USING THE CHERRIES I GAVE HIM. I made a big ol’ batch of Cherry Bounce before Christmas and I gave him a jar at his show in January. I figured he got lots of gifts from fans so imagine my surprise when I saw my little jar in his Old Fashioned video!
  3. I’m officially old and out of touch. I had to look up that whipped coffee trend that’s going on around TikTok. But now that I know what the heck it is, I’m very tempted to try it. It’s like a coffee version of cold foam!
  4. New Podcast Alert!!! “I Said No Gifts” with Bridger Winegar is so funny and sweet and well-intentioned. It’s the perfect distraction at a time like this.
  5. There’s an entire channel on our local programming dedicated to pet content. They had a puppy-athon the other day and it was the brightest spot I needed.
  6. I don’t think I mentioned this, but on the cruise I read The Woman in Cabin 10 in two days and it was so amazing to be sucked into a book again. (Let’s talk about how I had no idea it was about a cruise ship murder when I brought it ON A CRUISE SHIP.) I’m actually excited to start reading more. What’re you reading now?
  7. …of course I can’t start reading until I’ve caught up on Schitt’s Creek. I’m about halfway through season 5 and am loving the show more and more with each episode!

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