Thursday Things

  1. Greetings from Greenville! Grandma and I got in yesterday afternoon after two days on the road. It was a very pleasant drive and great spending time with her. If you have the opportunity to travel with your grandparents, please do. You’ll learn a lot.
  2. I’m having lunch with some friends at Pita House today and I’m so ready for falafel and cucumber salad. And to deliver some of that beer up there.
  3. My adorable 14-year-old cousin has the best straight across bangs right now and she’s making me want to cut my hair, but mine will never look as good as hers. Or Leslie’s.
  4. Speaking of Leslie – I disagree with her. Strongly. I actually love calzones. And even made a mini version before leaving!
  5. I’ve got a strategy meeting scheduled with Sam from Frosting and Fettuccine today about joining her Master Class and omg I’m nervous.
  6. Hell yeah, Scotland!
  7. Some dear friends of mine just welcomed a baby girl into their lives. You can bet your bottom dollar that Aunt Amanda is going to be celebrating by bringing them a pan of Melba’s Lasagna when I return from vacation.

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