Raspberry Lemonade Gin Fizz-ish

It’s Wednesday.

You deserve a cocktail for getting this far into the week.

Or, rather, I deserve a cocktail for starting my week.

Working an altered schedule isn’t all bad, though. It means I get to visit friends in Green Bay. It means not fighting the crowds in the grocery store. It means Seth and I can go to his farmhouse and pick raspberries to our hearts’ content.

Raspberries I’ll throw in with lemonade, (locally grown) mint, and (locally made) gin and shake it all up and add a splash of sparkling water. Then, voila! Wednesday or Whateverday made better.

Raspberry Lemonade Gin Fizz-ish

¼ cup fresh raspberries

4 sprigs fresh mint

1 ½ oz. preferred gin, I personally love Driftless Glen (their whiskey is also great!)

½ cup lemonade

Sparkling water, such a Perrier

Add the raspberries and mint to the bottom of your serving glass and muddle until berries are crushed.

Add gin, lemonade, and a few ice cubes to the glass. Stir to combine before topping with sparkling water. Serve immediately.

*Ratios can easily be multiplied to make more than one drink at a time. Simply add all ingredients to a pitcher or large martini shaker and pour over ice before serving.

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