How to make a cheeseboard: Wisconsin Pride Edition

Learn how to make a cheeseboard that’s piled high with Wisconsin flavors! Aged cheddar, creamy provolone, port wine cheese spread (and more) are all surrounded by cranberries, summer sausage, and other Badger State snacks! Serve this delicious cheeseboard with Wisconsin craft beer. You won’t be sorry!

how to make a cheeseboard with Wisconsin cheese

Well if this isn’t shaping up to be the most Midwestern weekend, then idk what is!

Wisconsin Cheese Cheeseboard

First, baby sister and I are going to see Charlie Berens tonight!

Second, it’s been snowing since yesterday afternoon and doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. FINALLY!

Third, the Packers are playing in the NFC championship tomorrow!

How to make a cheeseboard

So many causes for celebration! So many causes for cheese! And crackers! And summer sausage! And beer!

provolone cheese on a cheeseboard

I had posted the recipe card to this beautiful board a few weeks ago, but wanted to give a more in-depth look at it. Afterall, Monday is National Cheese Lovers Day! What better way to celebrate than learning how to make a cheeseboard that’s so heartily Midwestern it practically screams “Keep ‘er Movin!’”?

delicious cheeseboard
Choosing the cheese:

The cheese is truly the star of this cheeseboard (umm…duh?). I used a 5-year aged cheddar, creamy provolone, Monterrey Jack, and a port wine cheese spread. For the cheddar I simply chunked it off the block using a cheese knife. The provolone came in a half-circle shape which I cut in half to create two wedge pieces and then I cut those halves into slices. I cubed up the Monterrey Jack to make sure it looked different from the provolone. Lastly, I transferred my favorite cold-pack cheese spread from its bulky plastic container into a cute li’l mason jar to make it more decorative! Other great options for Wisconsin cheese would be Colby or Brick cheese. Maybe even just doing a board that’s all different cheddars!

Snacks & such

For snacky bits I used Johnsonville summer sausage – because no cheese tray from Wisconsin is complete without it! (PS: “cheese tray” is the most common way of saying it in my neck of the woods – nothing fancy or highfalutin. Usually just square slices of cheese layered with round cuts of summer sausage served with Ritz crackers!) A mixture of dried and sugared cranberries, some whole wheat crackers, candied nuts, apples, and pretzels. Because if you’re eating cheese and sausage you’re probably drinking beer and that calls for pretzels.

Wisconsin craft beer

Go forth and create a spread so delectable, so Wisconsin that everyone will “ooh” and “ahh” and “oh my gosh” over it!

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