Thursday Things

Pear Trees

  1. Maybe it’s too early to be this excited but OMG! Elf sugar cookies! I used to make these cookies every year on my birthday to share in class (back when they came in a tube and you had to slice them and inevitably some were thicker than others). Now I’ll be making them again – all for myself!
  2. Again – some people are going to tell me it’s too early to be this excited buuuuuut…I may or may not have listened to a few Christmas songs the other day. It was the first frost! I was walking Edgar. It just felt right. Don’t kill my vibe.
  3. Can I get these for next year at this time?
  4. We officially have carpet in the house! Seth and I spent the weekend texturing and priming and painting my bedroom and getting the rooms ready for carpet. They installed it Tuesday and it’s like an entirely new house. Now all that’s left to do is lay the hardwood floor and then bam! The house is ready and Seth will move in and then I will follow after the wedding. How exciting!
  5. We watched what may have been the worst Nicolas Cage movie of all time at my mom’s house Tuesday night. We took over good Chinese and watched a really bad movie and I’ll never be the same.
  6. Now that I’ve made a few pumpkin flavored goodies I am all on board the pumpkin train again! Pies, cakes, cookies. Let’s get it.
  7. I love a classic glazed donut and these have me drooling!
  8. Natural deodorant – where do we fall on this? It’s probably TMI, but my underarms are very sensitive and every time I’ve attempted to change up my scent or brand I have a terrible reaction. But in theory, I shouldn’t with something “natural,” right?

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