Thursday Things


  1. On Sunday, my friend, Hilary, and I went to the Cedarburg Wine & Harvest Fest for a little girls’ day. Cedarburg is adorable and I cannot wait to return. Any town that can house two bakeries and two candy shops on one street is the place for me!
  2. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jessie Sheehan and having her sign my copy of The Vintage Baker. She’d never been to Wisconsin before and was snacking on cheeseacurds and sipping a Bloody Mary when I met her. She was delightful and kind and enamored by my tattoos – making me feel far more badass than I deserve!
  3. It’s still dark at 6am and I. am. here. for. it. It reminds me so much of my childhood and listening to my dad getting ready for work before we had to get ready for school.
  4. What are you favorite Lightroom presets? I just downloaded LR now that I’ve got a new computer and I need suggestions! Ready? Go! (The above picture was edited with LR – just me farting around, but I quite like it!)
  5. Seth’s parents were at the farm with us this weekend and I got them to watch an episode of GBBS – his mom was enamored and his dad was indifferent. He prefers the Netflix series Atypical, and after watching a few episodes with him I can sort of see why. It’s a sweet show, even if the acting leaves something to be desired.
  6. Edgar is plain ol’ freaking me out. He has been an absolute angel this last week. Hardly any crying or jumping or panicking when I leave the house. In fact, my mom watched him while Seth and I were up North and she left him out to roam the whole house freely while she was at work and he caused no destruction. Miracles do happen!
  7. Hurricane Florence really messed with my former home. Thankfully, my friends and family were all out of its direct path and only had to deal with heavy rains and the evacuees that made their way into the Upstate.
  8. I’m typing this in a cold med induced stupor because of course I’d get a head cold just as soon as the weather starts to become something other than sweltering. Ah, well. Nothing I can do now but drink my weight in tea and blow my nose constantly.
  9. Strata always makes me think of The Family Stone. Which always makes me think of Christmas. Which reminds me it’s almost time to start planning for the holidays!

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