Thursday Things

  1. Too early to start thinking about fall harvests and apple picking and pumpkin patches?
  2. If you follow the important accounts on Instagram (aside from mine, obvi), you’ll have noticed that Wisconsin Cheese made the World’s Largest Cheeseboard in Madison yesterday. Every day I’m given further evidence that Wisconsin is the place for me.
  3. I’ve been lied to all my life. You have been too!
  4. I do not like pickles. At all. Yet I spent Sunday morning making pickles with my future father-in-law. The things we do for love.
  5. Speaking of love – I’m absolutely IN LOVE with my wedding dress! Which I got this week! On sale! It fits me almost perfectly, and aside from needing to be taken up about six inches, will require virtually no alterations! Now to find the perfect shoes to go with it!
  6. Gave myself a little mani-pedi Sunday night and the colors are still hanging strong! Which considering what I put my hands through is ridiculously impressive! I put this on my tootsies and this color on my hands. The perfect complimentary colors to the end of summer.
  7. Attempting my first tiramisu this weekend for a regular at work. Wish me luck (and send me any sort of recipe you have)!

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