Thursday Things

  1. There’s been a new addition to our family – Patricia! A pistachio green Kitchen-Aid mixer. I’m in love. I used her to mix up a batch of my browned butter chocolate chip cookie dough earlier this week.
  2. Cloudy Kitchen may be one of the favorite Instagrams I’ve followed as of late.
  3. It happened. Finally. I killed a houseplant. I forgot a fern was in the window over the weekend and the heat cooked it. Burnt to a crisp.
  4. I’ve got my eye on this bag. I’m in love.
  5. Scrunchies are back! But only if they’re Hufflepuff print. Of which I now have two.
  6. Next week, Seth and I head to Chicago for a few days and I.cannot.wait. I’ll be taking him to a few of my favorite haunts as well as getting more work done on my arm. Stay tuned!

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