Thursday Things

  1. Make banana cream pie. Then make an individual ‘nana pudding with the leftover custard. Put it in a vintage sundae glass. Feel fancy.
  2. Molly Yeh got her own Food Network show!!!!!!!!!! And I’m going to get cable just to watch it! OMG!
  3. One of the best texts I’ve gotten in recent history was from my friend Bunny who told me she’s been listening to Hanson a lot. She likes them! My work here is done.
  4. Current favorite nail color. I don’t want anything else on my fingers this season!
  5. I’ve had fresh flowers in my house almost consistently since I moved in and it’s such a lovely ritual to practice. Brightening and beautifying. Highly recommend.
  6. Joy the Baker wants me to make a kitchen altar. I think I want to too.
  7. Nicole Byer’s podcast Why Won’t You Date Me? has had me in stitches the last week. It’s a bit rude and a bit crude but endlessly entertaining. Although I’m sure my laughing out loud while walking Edgar is giving the neighbors cause for concern.

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