Thursday Things

  1. First things first, since it’s become official on social media, I should share it here too – I’m kind of head over heels for a certain fella. The best thing? He feels the same way about me!
  2. More firsts – going to Shawano this weekend. Visiting the farmhouse he’s restoring (swoon). Meeting his parents (they’re just as fantastic as he is).
  3. There’s a whole host of barns and outbuildings on his property loaded with all sorts of vintage farm equipment and furniture and amazing relics from the past like that veterinary medication up top. It was a sight to behold.
  4. I also spent $60 on olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it was so worth it.
  5. The Red River is gorgeous and powerful and seeing it in this limbo between winter and spring where the water was rushing but the rocks were snow covered was beautiful and magical and I’m so glad he took me.
  6. I’ve joined an indoor soccer league that my little sister’s boyfriend plays on. I started playing soccer when I was 5 and continued through college but haven’t kicked a ball in at least two years. I’ll be playing my first game Monday and I’m terrified but excited to shake off the rust (and hopefully not break anything in the process).
  7. Finally going to see Black Panther this weekend and I. Cannot. Wait. Even though, technically, I guess I have been waiting for weeks. It’ll be worth it though. Seeing as how waiting 20+ years to watch Jurassic Park turned out to be well worth it.
  8. What is a “classic” movie that you haven’t seen but is on your list? Other ones of mine are Fight Club and Meet Me In St. Louis.

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