Thursday Things

  1. I can’t believe it – I went to the store today and didn’t buy any clearance Valentine’s Day candy. Who am I?
  2. Meat in your red sauce or nah? I used to be firmly in camp No-Meat, but my momma puts meat in her sauce and I’m into it.
  3. Mandy and I went to some of the best places in Nashville this weekend! She took me to a fabulous coffee shop that happened to be right smack dab in between Five Daughter’s Bakery (omg) and a Jeni’s Ice Cream (omg). Then across the street we had some banging Mexican food. Can life get better?
  4. We also ate at Henrietta Red (fiiiiiiiiiiinally) and it was even better than I’d hoped for. One of those meals that got the gears turning and my mind buzzing with excitement and ideas. Then there was a trip to Skull’s Rainbow Room where I had the most perfectly cooked scallops I’ve had in the last seven years. No joke. I remember the last time I had them (Chicago Restaurant Week, 2011, Prosecco).
  5. If you follow my IG and look at my stories (highly recommend), then you’ll know that a little girl came up to me at Jeni’s (as I was putting ice cream in between a Five Daughter’s doughnut) and whispered to me “Hufflepuffs rule!” and it was the sweetest, most precious thing ever.
  6. She must have been spurred to say that by the Hufflepuff pin I have proudly displayed on my denim jacket. I also have a pin that says “Dog Mom” and a turkey sandwich one and whole host of other pins and patches. I love the collection I’m curating.
  7. It wouldn’t be Thursday Things if I didn’t make a music recommendation that nobody asked for! BTVS did a musical for their hundredth episode and the soundtrack is so fabulous! I’d forgotten how many songs I still remembered!
  8. If you’re not into Buffy or musicals – a flaw I can look past, I guess – then check out Kaleo! Their stuff single-handedly kept me awake through Indiana and Kentucky this weekend.

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