Thursday Things

  1. Duke’s is my favorite mayo. I can’t find it anywhere near me. So, when Elise came up to visit me this weekend we made a quick detour to a grocery store two hours away to stock up. I’m very brand loyal to my condiments.
  2. In addition to the grocery store stop off we went to Story Hill KBC for breakfast, wandered around the Third Ward, went to a winery, ate delicious Mexican, and then she experienced Culver’s for the first time. It was a very jam-packed day.
  3. I love musicals. So much. I regularly listen to the Hamilton soundtrack when working out. Today, I dove back into the Crazy Ex Girlfriend soundtrack. The songs on last week’s episode were my favorite so far this season! I had to stifle giggles so I didn’t wake the house up while watching. Don’t believe me? Feel free to take a listen (and objectify some men in the process).
  4. I’ve also been repeating the Peaky Blinders playlist from BBC2 on Apple Music. Y’all. So good. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are the furthest thing from bad, lemme tell ya.
  5. In four days I’ll be headed back to Greenville for a week! I am absolutely thrilled. It used to be that any vacation I took from SC meant coming back to WI, now it seems the roles have reversed. I’ve already got a list planned of where I’m going to eat and drink.
  6. Lately I’ve been enjoying finding random, over-sized t-shirts while thrifting and turning them into crop tops. This is the style I’m developing as an adult woman. Fantastic.
  7. There’s a live band at work this weekend, I haven’t worked yet during a band’s set so I’m very much looking forward to it!
  8. Dunno why this week is so music heavy but there you have it.

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