Thursday Things

  1. I get to see my best friend, Mandy, today! We’ve known each other our entire lives (seriously…we were baptized together). She lives in Nashville and came up for a quick visit with her fam and is going to grace me with her presence.
  2. She’s also willing to take pictures of Edgar and me for our Christmas card. I’m embracing dog motherhood with reckless abandon.
  3. Meghan Markle is going to be a princess! She snagged the best ginger out there (aside from maybe Ron Weasley).
  4. On Tuesday I went to see Thor…again. Dare I say I enjoyed it just as much this time as the first?! I went with my friend Tim who had yet to see it and I felt a little bad for giggling a few seconds before all the really funny parts. Kinda gave it away.
  5. Me taking him a cup filled with cake (no, not a cup cake, an actual to-go cup filled with cake) softened the blow, I think.
  6. After staring at Tom Hiddleston for two more hours in his long, dark wig I got to thinking about the movie he was in a few years ago, Only Lovers Left Alive, where he’s sporting a very similar hairdo. I fell down that rabbit hole and am now listening to the movie’s soundtrack on loop. Particularly this song.
  7. I’d normally be listening to Christmas music now but I’m just not feeling it – it was 60 degrees earlier this week! I didn’t sign up for this when returning to Wisconsin. Sheesh.

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