Thursday Things

  1. That beauty up there is called the Mr. Big Stuff. Frank’s Red Hot smothered chicken, fried onions, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mozzarella all grilled between fresh sourdough! It’s one of my favorites from the Farm Market Deli in Wautoma. I’m so happy I get to haunt that place now that I’m so close again.
  2. I’m somewhat addicted to drive-thru coffee. I blame this on driving to and from South Carolina twice in three weeks. I was by myself and it was a long 14ish hours. Each way. Both times. I had a constant intake of coffee ready in the cupholder beside me. It’s become a very engrained part of my routine – whenever I’m in the car there is a cup of Joe. I’m going to attempt to curb it, avoid the caffeine, and save myself a few dollars a week.
  3. In that attempt, I decided to go into a Starbucks (don’t judge me) to get a cup of coffee (because going in isn’t the same as driving thru) and sit and write for a bit. I ended up getting a gingerbread latte. So out of character for me, but now that we’re officially into November I’m going to start getting into the holiday spirit.
  4. Note: when I say “holiday” I don’t strictly mean Christmas. Thanksgiving is nearly as big a deal in my family as Christmas.
  5. Buuuuuuuut, Hanson coming out with their new Christmas album is the biggest deal of all!!!
  6. I’ve been having some car troubles lately and I’m so thankful that I know people who know cars. And that the people who work behind the counter at O’Reilly’s are willing to answer my questions and actually look under my hood when I’m clearly useless/helpless.
  7. The last episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was very “meh” to me. There were only two songs in it. And they weren’t very good. I want less scheming and more singing!
  8. This kinda hit me like a ton of bricks.
  9. I was texting my friend Elise yesterday and we discussed how we really enjoy a good pair of socks. Whether it’s a dude who’s wearing a fancy pair with his suit to tie a whole outfit together or a comfy, fuzzy pair on our own feet – nice socks are just nice. And always a good stocking stuffer!
  10. I need every single Hufflepuff item from this line.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I particularly liked #3 – why don’t people like going in to order anymore? My wife makes me order for her and she always customizes her order – Have I mentioned I suffer anxiety? Hanson – really?

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