Thursday Things

  1. Yesterday morning I woke up to a miniature donkey outside my door. His name is Marvin. He had gotten out of his enclosure and was in search of greener pastures. Cut to me chasing him around the yard in my jammies, trying to coax him back into the pen with apples while Edgar ran circles around us.
  2. Now that I finally finished this book I’m rereading Harry Potter. I haven’t done it in years and it’s most definitely time.
  3. I’m so far behind on This Is Us that I’ve almost just given up hope of ever catching up. I’m keeping up to date on the new Will & Grace, though! And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! I was so elated when it premiered this past Friday.
  4. It finally felt like fall this weekend and I was able to break out a vintage trench and dress for my nieces’ baptism. Edgar wore his best, too.
  5. How many times do you think the sentence “Finally feels like fall…” has been written/said?
  6. It doesn’t feel like fall right now – it was over 70 yesterday – but I made soup for dinner last night anyway. Loaded potato with fresh croutons, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese. I’m not very good at making soup so I’m very proud of myself!
  7. I’m still sore from my workout Monday morning! And Edgar’s bark box might still be horse. He had a very unpleasant reaction to seeing me kickbox with my friend, Tori. He must’ve been in Fight Club or something – because he doesn’t like to talk about it. But he did bark about it. A lot.
  8. Did y’all see, I updated my about page!

One thought on “Thursday Things

  1. Your slowly moving back into a Wi. life style No Biltmore on your ride to your Uncles, No mountain views, snow will be on the ground within a month. Wow you can wear your Fur coat. Can’t wait to see you in it. Love YOU

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