Thursday Things

  1. First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words regarding my last post. It had been bouncing around in my head and my heart for quite some time. I’m so very glad I took a leap of faith and hit “publish.” If you commented, shared, or sent me a message encouraging me or sharing your own story please know how much I valued your efforts. Thank you SO very much. It has led me to want to write more in-depth, open pieces. Obviously Thursday Things will remain the same, no need to fret.
  2. Do to aggravated nerves that are making my toes numb I’ve been given orders to “take it easy” and there’s nothing that makes me want to workout harder and longer than being told not to. Obviously, I won’t. But as soon as the option is taken away from me it’s all I want to do. You know what I mean?
  3. On my way to and from Nashville (more on that later) I listened to Anna Kendrick’s book, Scrappy Little Nobody and I LOVED it. I was hesitant, never being a huge fan of hers, but not, not liking her, So I gave it a shot. It was witty, insightful, beautifully imagined, and uplifting. Also very real and honest. Anna’s writing is the kind I aspire to.
  4. I’m also working on a list of places I ate and drank in Nashville. Can’t believe everything I consumed in less than 48 hours. It needs to be shared!
  5. I’ve been attempting to do more yard work to whip my house into shape and have been repaid with mosquito bites the size of quarters all over my ankles and feet. Summer fun!
  6. I’ve started season two of Master of None and I’m liking it even more than the first. Such a surprise! It took me a long time to get into the first season but from the get-go I was invested this go round.
  7. When I got back from my trip Edgar (who was under the watchful eye of friends) was so excited he proceeded to piddle on me. And the floor. And his blanket. And the floor again. Better than him being angry with me, right?
  8. It’s Tina Fey’s birthday today! You go, Liz Lemon!

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