Thursday Things

  1. It’s my baby’s birthday today! And by baby I mean my energetic, mischievous, playful, pup Edgar! He is two years old today! Let’s hope dog’s don’t go through a “terrible twos” phase…I’ve already lost pot holders, shoes, and socks…
  2. To expend some of his excess energy (and improve mine), we regularly go for runs. Earlier this week when we went out on the Swamp Rabbit Trail there was frost on the ground and I was ecstatic! Because it’s actually feeling like winter. And winter is my favorite.
  3. NU is done dancing. It was such a close game. The heart palpitations and sweaty palms were too intense. However, some good did come out of it! I got to see my friend Liam on TV for half a second while he was beating the bajeezus out of a drum. I miss that man. (Hi, Liam!)
  4. The new season of LOVE is on Netflix and I love it even more than the first. Which doesn’t normally happen (I’m looking at you Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). But ugh, the interactions are so real and have so much chemistry. I can’t get enough of watching it.
  5. I found a white jean jacket at a thrift store for a whopping $5. Then spent another $2 on a bottle of dye and now have the pink denim jacket of my dreams! I was super nervous about dyeing fabric or messing things up but it was surprisingly easy. And the result was so fun! And fashionable…well, as fashionable as I’m going to be.
  6. 17 Things Anxiety Suffers Need To Remember. In case you need a reminder.
  7. I forgot how much fun it is to make cream puffs. Have you ever tried? Would  you ever try…if I were to say…post a recipe?
  8. The Haribo gummi bear commercial melts my heart. Have you seen it?! The adults with the little kid voices? Too pure.

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