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  1. I’m looking for truly beautiful and inspiring food blogs – what are you reading and loving? Any suggestions? Who do I need to be reading?
  2. After watching the Boyfriend fix my cabinets, I was inspired to try a little DIY of my own. I hung up some shelves in my office! They were plain and boring so I covered them in marble contact paper and am so proud of how they turned out. I’m thinking of doing a little post on my office redo – is that something you’d read?
  3. I also put the contact paper on one of those Swell bottles…well, not the real one, the knock-off I got at TJ Maxx. But it was plain white and needed a little “something, something.” I really love how the look.
  4. I’m two weeks behind in This Is Us, so I’ll probably be catching up tonight. I’ve been too absorbed in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to watch anything else. My friend Kristen (Hi, Nugget!), has been telling me about it for months and I hemmed and hawed and was hesitant to watch it but boy oh boy! I’m so glad I finally did! The show is funny, smart, acerbic, and catchy and cute. I really identify with Rebecca.
  5. Edgar is doing well. He seems to be nearly entirely settled – if him sleeping next to me all night and curling up on the couch is any indication. We’re struggling with crate training, but he is making strides. He is SO smart and quick. I have faith and hope. The Boyfriend assured me it will all work out and be worth it, just like it did for him and Leonard (who, by the way, is working on his manners, after meeting Edgar Sunday night and being a bit sassier than necessary).
  6. Speaking of Sunday, I fell asleep during the actual game but made it through halftime and I just want to slow clap it out for Lady Gaga who did and amazing job and look fabulous. I totally called the jump being staged though.
  7. Got 12/15 on this quiz thanks to my obsessive viewings of DCOMS (that’s Disney Channel Original Movies) as a child.

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