Thursday Things

Thursday Things

  1. That sunset was captured while I was home. Some friends and I drove to the lake and looked out over the frozen water as the sun went down. I’ve never enjoyed a sunset more. P.S. – can you see where the ice stops and the water begins? Takes a trained eye.
  2. I think we can all agree on the need for 2017 to be less toxic.
  3. I finished the first season of Divorce last night. That show is at once too real and too out there. But I love it! Especially SJP’s clothes! That dress she wore during her gallery opening? Swoon. Way more approachable and doable than anything Carrie ever wore. And Thomas Hayden Church’s voice is so enigmatic and enticing all at once.
  4. In other TV news – WILL & GRACE IS COMING BACK AND I’M SO HAPPY! And This Is Us has me sobbing uncontrollably. As usual.
  5. Run River North will be playing Shaky Knees this year! Omg!!! I don’t really relish the idea of festivals – too many people in too little space – but I would go for them. Here’s why. And here.
  6. My friend Nick made an amazing cutting board for me to gift. And a sign. And a wall hanging. He’s got major talent. If you’re in the market for some seriously impressive products, give him a shout!
  7. Speaking of gifts, I accidentally found my Valentine’s Day gift a month early. Whoops.
  8. These Rose & Earl Grey Lattes are gorgeous! And giving me all sorts of inspiration.
  9. Speaking of inspiration, I’m feeling overwhelmed in that department. I’ve got lists and lists of things I want to make and bake and post but when it comes down to it, I can’t act. I’m paralyzed, just standing in the kitchen feeling lost. I’m trying to write out schedules and figure out posts but life gets in the way (like my cabinets needing work or catching a nasty cold) and things don’t go as planned and I’m having trouble bouncing back. Working on that today. And tomorrow. And the next day.
  10. A good soak in the tub with a LUSH bath bomb should help kick the rest of this cold as least. I got my first one over Christmas and I’ll never bathe the same. Have you tried them? What about making your own?
  11. I’m obsessed with this song. Don’t judge me. I’m doing it for the both of us.

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