Thursday Things


1) This is Leonard. He helps keep an eye on food when I’m taking photos of it. With the weather we’ve been having the only good light I can get is in my living room on my coffee table – which happens to be Leonard height. We have had many discussions about leaving cakes and cookies alone when I’m not in the room.

2) I had a minor case of ennui earlier this week. Know what that is? Remember Michelle going on about ennui and then giving it to Sookie? Much like Sookie, I’m off-wee now, but it was a gloomy few days.

3) What helped with the gloom was scrolling through Dogspotting. Nothing like candid photos of cute pups to turn a frown upside down. And now they have an app! Battery life will forever be in jeopardy now.

4) Have you ever seen Christmas in Connecticut?! I watched it for the first time ever on Tuesday night and I LOVED it. The clothes, the story line, the fast-talking! It’s all so quintessentially 1940s. Oh, I know why it’s a classic!

5) I’ve never wanted a full fur coat before, but Elizabeth Lane made it look so good in that movie. I found a gooooooorgeous vintage coat at a thrift store a few weeks ago. Black, fur collar, impeccable lining, fits me like a glove. Aside from missing two buttons (for which I ordered replacements) – it’s perfect and will do just as nicely as a mink for my budget.

6) No time to talk about This Is Us, I’ve been too busy watching Christmas movies to catch up! I’ll probably catch up while I’m home. I can be overly emotional with my mom and watch it while she rubs my back

7) Yes, my mom still rubs my back when I go home. Don’t judge.

8) I am this close to being done with my Christmas shopping. Then comes the wrapping. Which I always think will be more fun than it is. How do you wrap your gifts? Themed paper and bow? Do you just throw them in bags with tissue paper? Do you get fancy? Do you go rustic? Gimme ideas!!!

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