How to make a cheeseboard: Wisconsin Pride Edition

Learn how to make a cheeseboard that’s piled high with Wisconsin flavors! Aged cheddar, creamy provolone, port wine cheese spread (and more) are all surrounded by cranberries, summer sausage, and other Badger State snacks! Serve this delicious cheeseboard with Wisconsin craft beer. You won’t be sorry!

how to make a cheeseboard with Wisconsin cheese

Well if this isn’t shaping up to be the most Midwestern weekend, then idk what is!

Wisconsin Cheese Cheeseboard

First, baby sister and I are going to see Charlie Berens tonight!

Second, it’s been snowing since yesterday afternoon and doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. FINALLY!

Third, the Packers are playing in the NFC championship tomorrow!

How to make a cheeseboard

So many causes for celebration! So many causes for cheese! And crackers! And summer sausage! And beer!

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Thursday Things

A food photographer enjoying her job!
  1. My friend/client (and successful restauranteur! And AirBnb owner! And boutique runner!) Matt snapped this pic of me while we were doing some work last year (still so weird to say!) and I high key love it.
  2. Made some mushroom and wild rice soup this week and figured out a secret! Pan roast the ‘shrooms before adding them! They get all roasty and toasty and full of flavor. Then, when the soup is nearly done, you just dump all the roasty bits and flavorful juices into the pot! Life changing.
  3. I’ve been listening to more personal growth and entrepreneurial podcasts as of late. Two new faves? She Makes Money Moves and Goal Digger. What inspirational/informational podcasts do you listen to?
  4. Very into lettuce wraps, atm. Yesterday I made chicken Caesar salad lettuce wraps (and shared the process on my stories – if you’re interested!) and later this week I’ll be make my spicy shrimp lettuce wraps! That bang bang sauce is good good!
  5. THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL. I repeat: THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL!!! Fran Drescher is partnering with Rachel Bloom on the project and it’s two of my favorite women from two of my favorite shows working in one of my favorite mediums and omg!!!!!!! Booking my trip to NYC right now!
  6. Speaking of trip – in six short weeks I’ll finally be setting sail with Kristen on the Golden Girls Cruise! Gotta start making cheesecakes now so I’m ready!
  7. A friend of mine told me I should be Mona Lisa from Parks and Rec for Halloween this year and after rewatching some of her episodes…I’m kind of into the idea?!
  8. I’m here to tell you to just send the dang email, ok? The one that we all have sitting in our draft folder, the one that we have a reminder set to send. Just, send it. Ok? Thanks.
  9. I’ve been doing sudoku puzzles every morning for about three months or so and yesterday I had a personal triumph wherein I completed a “hard” level puzzle. Felt good.

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treats

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treats are an easy, no-bake Christmas dessert option for anyone and everyone. They combine all the delicious flavors of a Peppermint Mocha Latte with the ease of marshmallow cereal treats. Find the recipe at the link below!

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treat Recipe

This is the last of ‘em. The last of the Christmas creations.

And, maybe, the last of the peppermint mocha situation, too.

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treat Recipe

Then again. Maybe not. Maybe I’ve got another peppermint-y, mocha-y treat coming.

Because I’m totally on board with Gilmore Girls Season 7. At least, one point they make in Season 7, because, by and large, the final season is basically a gigantic dumpster fire. (Stay with me here – I have a point, I promise.)

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Thursday Things

  1. Frying the turkey was a rousing success. Thankyouverymuch.
  2. Garage Oven is now House Oven! This has been a huge undertaking for us and our household (let’s be honest, mostly Seth). We will use Garage Oven until Holy Grail Oven is delivered.
  3. I got to have coffee with a very talented, very sweet fellow-photographer friend of mine (who also took some bomb ass photos of my cheeseboard class!). Having real-life personal connections are paramount to success as a freelancer/entrepreneur. I’m finally learning that.
  4. Let’s talk about how cute these cheeseboard trees are! And how mad I am that I didn’t think of them first.
  5. I have followed Humans of New York for years now and it never ceases to make me feel everything.
  6. I’ve never actually gotten a facial before, but I’m making it a goal to do so in 2020. In the meantime, I have found that watching videos like this one on YouTube have a very calming effect on me that may be almost as good as getting an actual facial. What are some of your goals for 2020? Do tell!
  7. Searching for a great Christmas morning breakfast option? Might I suggest these Classic Cinnamon Rolls? Or the flakiest Apple Danish? Or Peppermint Hot Cocoa Scones?