White Cheddar & Rosemary Biscuits (& cast iron)

Biscuits, baby. They got it all. And then some!

White Cheddar & Rosemary Biscuits

With the crispy. With the crumbly. With the cheesy.

White Cheddar & Rosemary Biscuits

And the herby. The buttery. The flaky.

Ugh. Perfection. Especially drop biscuits. There’s no folding, no cutting – not that we mind those things, we don’t, sometimes you just need a quick and easy biscuit. Just a little mix, a gentle scoop, and a quick bake.

White Cheddar & Rosemary Biscuits

The secret is the cast iron pan. It gives you the crust. That golden brown, crunchy, melted butter goodness. No, it’s not entirely necessary to use a cast iron pan to make these. A round cake pan, (Hell! A square cake pan.) would do. You won’t have the crust, but you’ll have the closeness. And did you know? That actually helps the biscuits rise! Learned that years ago from Alex at GB&D and I’ll never forget it.

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Peach Pavlovas (& a video)

Did you see it?

The trailer I made for The 505 West! It’s an absolutely astounding AirBnb located in Princeton, just 30 minutes from where we live.

See, this whole thing started when I found out Matt had created this gorgeous space above his restaurant, Horseradish. I was already obsessed with the restaurant and became equally as enamored with the rental.

It is really and truly one of my favorite places to eat and spend time in the area. It reminds me of any number of trendy places in Chicago or Greenville, without the “trying so hard” feeling I often got in those cities. There’s just a comfort to be found sitting on a stool in the restaurant, looking into the open kitchen or perusing the shelves near the front door. I spend a decent amount of time there (though not enough, IMO). Seth and I go on dates there, I had my bridal shower there, it’s a lovely place for a quick lunch. Originally, we’d tossed around the idea of doing food photography work, as I’ve been making headway in that department (see here and here). But, truly, Matt doesn’t need me. He takes lovely photos on his own. And on his phone! Much to my frustration.

So, it morphed into this. A night in the suite and a day in the kitchen. All documented and (somewhat) perfected and presented. (Although if I’m being honest about it being perfected – this is the second time I’ve uploaded the video. The first time was missing the audio transition and I was so mortified I took it down!)

Matt was so kind to open his doors to us. He introduced us to his friends, Elsah and Roger, owners of a local catering company. They have experience and advice and stories I gobbled up faster than the food they made. We laughed, drank Jack Rabbits, and made marshmallows. I took video of it all, that you’ll see at a later date.

I also took a ton of pictures. Just like I did of these pavlovas!

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