Thursday Things

Thursday Things | via Midwest Nice Blog

  1. Since the weather can’t decide what the heck it wants to do right now my landscaping can’t figure out what’s going on. I had a little mint plant that was coming back, only to die. And now the gardenia bush outsides my door has started blooming! I’ve been picking them and enjoying them inside. Fresh cut flowers make me so happy.
  2. It’s my big brudder’s birthday today! (That’s what I call my brother…and he calls me little pister…ah, family!) Hi, Joey!
  3. I made Shake ‘n’ Bake yesterday for the first time in, oh, at least five years? Maybe more? And I gotta say, I kinda love it. It’s so good.
  4. Alongside the Shake ‘n’ Bake I made some mac ‘n’ cheese in preparation for a little mac ‘n’ cheese cookoff a local brewery is having here in a couple weeks. Gotta fine tune my presentation.
  5. What’re you reading right now? What’re you watching? I’ve been streaming The Office while I am in the kitchen or in my office putzing around but kinda want something new.
  6. But you can never go wrong with that show. It’s too funny.
  7. I fiiiiiiiiinally went and saw Rogue One and omg! Hats off! So good! I’m so embarrassed it took so long but also so glad, because on a Tuesday night in the smallest theater in town my boyfriend and I were the only ones in the entire place. It was so fun! Kinda like when you’re a kid and have that dream of getting locked in a mall or in school overnight.
  8. That’d still be fun to me, tbh.

Thursday Things

  1. I skipped Thursday Things last week. I missed two posts while I was home actually. It was my little sister’s birthday, for one. And we were busy watching Disney movies and eating Chinese takeout, for two and three.
  2. I was just busy all around when I was home. A friend told me (on one of the many visits I had with friends) that coming home is never really a vacation – it’s always a “visit” and that is so right. Of the 8 days I was home, I think I was in the car for a solid 72 hours. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Next time I’ll just have to have more posts ready to go. Live and learn.
  3. Getting ready for bed last night, I realized most of my beloved TV heroines wear cutesy, matching pajama sets. Like Mindy. And Jess. I came to this conclusion as I was putting a pair of my own on. I don’t hate it.
  4. I’m gonna be working on my DIY skills soon – I ordered some tabletops and legs from Ikea to overhaul my office space. I’ve been writing at my dining room table since I moved into my house because my childhood desk occupies my office.
  5. Do you watch the Bachelor? I cannot believe it’s still a thing. I’ve never really been into it, but I know friends who watch so intensely they have brackets on their walls of the contestants.
  6. Did you see the performance? I almost missed it (I don’t like staying up late). But I think what’s worth talking about more is what she’s done since. She hasn’t hidden or shied away, she has kept going. It’s a good lesson for any of us – make a mistake, keep moving forward.
  7. Do you know about the Pastry Affair? You probably do. I read a lot of Kristen’s work in college, but fell away from it in the past few years. I’m so happy I rediscovered it.

Thursday Things


1) Welcome to the inaugural Thursday Things post! A rundown of links, thoughts, and randomness I decide to spill all over you once a week. I did this on my old site and got requests for it to come back, so here it is! (Are you happy now, Alex?)

2) As I mentioned in my last post, I bought my first real Christmas tree in well over a decade and am just having a ball! I loved decorating it, I love staring at it, I love smelling it (there’s no air freshener that will ever do fresh pine justice)!

3) How do we feel about the updated Pinterest phone app? I am not a fan. Thoughts?

4) We, as humans, don’t deserve dogs. They’re too good for us.

5) GILMORE GIRLS! The revival made me feel so many things. Nostalgia, happiness, anger, longing…what a rollercoaster ride! Kelly Bishop’s performance was the best. By far. Emily Gilmore is the real heroine of that story. Did you watch? How long did it take you? I knocked it out in one day (and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that).

6) In more TV news (you’re gonna get a lot of that on Thursdays, people.), This Is Us is one of the best shows I have watched in recent memory. Maybe, ever! The writing is so insightful, the acting is perfection. The emotions that I feel watching every single episode are so deep and so real. I’m currently 2 weeks behind but I can’t handle watching more than one episode at a time because it’s too emotionally taxing. Oofta.

7) I hope I never stop saying “oofta.”