Banana Cream Pie

Have you ever been into a bakery that just has that certain “feel?” That’s light and airy, but not in a minimalist, slightly pretentious way. That feels bright and cheery and smells of the pastries in the oven and has a low, steady hum of happy activity? That’s comforting with big, open windows that let the sunshine in, warming your back as you sit and sip coffee while enjoying a treat. The one where regulars come in and are greeted with a smile and their order ready to go?

Banana Cream Pie | via Midwest Nice Blog

I’ve been to a few of those places. Bittersweet in Chicago, Fraiche (sadly, now closed) in Evanston, and Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah. They’re not only filled with delicious baked goods but also fill me with a sense of wonder, a feeling of “There it is. This is home.”

Banana Cream Pie | via Midwest Nice Blog

If it isn’t obvious after last week’s post and now today’s musings, I’ve got Georgia on my mind, Savannah in particular. I want to go and walk the streets and visit Forsyth Park and spend an afternoon in that bakery that feels like home.

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