Butter Rubbed Roast Chicken (& dinners)

I’m currently sitting in a Chicago coffee shop after a night spent enjoying lasagna and red velvet cake with friends. I made the drive down yesterday – something I haven’t done in the better part of a year.

Butter Rubbed Roast Chicken

Before leaving, I did something else I hadn’t in ages – roasted a chicken! I used to do this fairly regularly, roasting it one day to eat off of for the week. Not rocket science or even an entirely new idea, but genius nonetheless.

One of the biggest struggles I’ve discovered in living with someone and in working from home is what the heck do we eat?! Seth is a big, Midwestern guy with a big, Midwestern appetite. He likes meat and potatoes with a side of meat and potatoes. Whereas I, on the other hand, ate the same salad every day behind the bar for nearly two years. We only get a few dinners together per week, so I feel the desire to make sure we eat good meals when we have the opportunity to share them.  

Butter Rubbed Roast Chicken
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