Eggs & Goat Cheese in Tomato Sauce (Sorta Shakshuka)

Sometimes I think I’d make a great personal assistant. Need dry cleaning picked up? Gotta stop by the Post Office? Groceries to get? I’m your girl! I LOVE running errands! I feel so productive and accomplished and love being out and about. I can lose a whole day just going from place to place, marking things off my list. In fact, there have been many days where I’m running around for 3 hours and get home only to realize that morning has already segued into the afternoon.

Eggs & Goat Cheese in Tomato Sauce | via Midwest Nice Blog

Every week, before I go grocery shopping, I try to make a plan and have my list all filled out and my route planned (because yes, I go to multiple stores to get everything I need, don’t judge). I take my cup of coffee and my reusable shopping bags and spend a few hours (yes, hours!), going everywhere and getting everything I need. It is truly one of the favorite parts of my week.

I started this tradition in college, getting up early every Saturday to start my day with a walk to the farmer’s market. Then, after a scone and a cup of coffee, I’d hop in the car and head out to what is easily the best grocery store on the face of this planet, Fresh Farms. I’d pile my cart high, wandering from aisle to aisle, taking my sweet time. Once I got home, having spent the better part of my day grocery shopping, I’d carry everything up four flights of stairs and be set for the rest of the week.

Eggs & Goat Cheese in Tomato Sauce | via Midwest Nice Blog

But sometimes I wasn’t. Sometimes I ate a lot more than I thought I would or wasn’t fully stocked. I’d get to the end of the week and be desperate for sustenance, rummaging around in cupboards and the fridge looking for something to eat. I couldn’t afford another trip to the store – both budgetary and time restraints made it impossible.

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Chicken Parm Subs

Morning is my favorite time of day. Annoyingly so. Particularly to my friends and family who don’t share my predisposition to keeping early hours.

Chicken Parm Subs | via Midwest Nice Blog

I love mornings so much that I’m envious of people who have mornings when I don’t. Do you know what I’m talking about? Actors on TV! I have the most serious case of FOMO when I’m sitting down in the evening, a full nights sleep ahead of me, and someone on screen gets to sit down in their jammies (preferably a matching set) and enjoy a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. Or they’re out brunching. Or making a delicious breakfast. It’s just not fair! I ache for that. I’m such a sucker.

I’m also hella susceptible to other suggestions about food and drink from movies and shows. Sure, it doesn’t help that majority of my viewing is food related, but still. A character can be eating something or drinking something and I just havetohaveit. I get a crazy, wicked craving.

Chicken Parm Subs | via Midwest Nice Blog

Movies and shows that support this:

Gilmore Girls (The stomachs on those two.)

Parks and Rec (“All the bacon and eggs you have.”)

Julie & Julia (Duh.)

The Mindy Project (Bear claws and sour straws.)

Mike & Molly (Diner scenes all day long.)

The Sopranos (Cannoli after cannoli after cannoli.)

Yes, The Sopranos makes me hungry. You’d think I’d lose my appetite what with all the murder and bloodshed, but, ironically, it makes me crave a good red sauce. And a nice chicken parm.

Chicken Parm Subs | via Midwest Nice Blog

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