Thursday Things

dog halloween costume

  1. Look at this delightful little Jedi Master! He actually won’t let me take the costume off and has been Yoda since yesterday morning.
  2. Crazy to think that in just four days Seth and I will be eating our way through Greenville! I’ve got a list of about a dozen places we absolutely have to go to. (Plus, it’ll also be amazing to have an entire 10 days off work – omg.)
  3. Last weekend, we went to IKEA with some friends and spent four.hours.there. We got a lot of cool design ideas for the house and made mental notes and took photos of what we like, but other than getting some new props for photos we didn’t get anything that requires assembly. Praise be!
  4. Now that Halloween is dunzo we can get to the main event – CHRISTMASTIME!!! This is me.
  5. I’m working on putting more graphics into my posts and really like how this one came out!
  6. These high schoolers are cooler (and have more rhythm) than I’ll ever be!
  7. I’m going to be taking a book or two on our trip since we are driving and will certainly be putting Hank Green’s novel in my bag – I can’t wait to read it!
  8. Speaking of bags – I haven’t even started packing yet. Which is so unlike me. I guess it still feels surreal that we’re leaving? That, and I’m just a procrastinator. Ah, well.

Thursday Things

Natural Hickory Hardwood Floor

  1. Is this not the most gorgeous floor you’ve ever seen?! Natural hickory – so soft and smooth and downright delightful. Even if it did take 8.5 hours to install ½ of it. But! We’re almost done!
  2. I’ve made the vision board, I’m signing up for free classes/tutorials, I’m saying my mantras. Let’s do the damn thing.
  3. This may sound crazy (ok, it does sound crazy), but doesn’t coffee taste different in different mugs? I have my favorite that I think make my cups of java taste the best and some that taste blah. You know?
  4. There’s a Mean Girls Cookbook!
  5. Spyro is being rereleased! This is the only video game I ever spent a decent amount of time playing. My sisters and I would sit in our shared room on our bunkbeds and take turns flying that little purple dragon around. Oh, the memories!
  6. Edgar will be Yoda for Halloween this year, but I’ll be damned if he’s not going to be Spyro next year! The resemblance is uncanny.
  7. Pinterest is really and truly boggling my mind. There aren’t blanket categories to look under anymore and if you search one item that’s all you see in your feed for the next three weeks and why do they have to constantly change things that are perfectly ok. I miss the original version. Oy.
  8. Arriving to the party hella late but Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is my new favorite Netflix show! I’ve only watched “Fat” and part of “Salt” but I’m in awe, jaw on the floor the entire time. Truly magical, y’all.

Thursday Things

Pear Trees

  1. Maybe it’s too early to be this excited but OMG! Elf sugar cookies! I used to make these cookies every year on my birthday to share in class (back when they came in a tube and you had to slice them and inevitably some were thicker than others). Now I’ll be making them again – all for myself!
  2. Again – some people are going to tell me it’s too early to be this excited buuuuuut…I may or may not have listened to a few Christmas songs the other day. It was the first frost! I was walking Edgar. It just felt right. Don’t kill my vibe.
  3. Can I get these for next year at this time?
  4. We officially have carpet in the house! Seth and I spent the weekend texturing and priming and painting my bedroom and getting the rooms ready for carpet. They installed it Tuesday and it’s like an entirely new house. Now all that’s left to do is lay the hardwood floor and then bam! The house is ready and Seth will move in and then I will follow after the wedding. How exciting!
  5. We watched what may have been the worst Nicolas Cage movie of all time at my mom’s house Tuesday night. We took over good Chinese and watched a really bad movie and I’ll never be the same.
  6. Now that I’ve made a few pumpkin flavored goodies I am all on board the pumpkin train again! Pies, cakes, cookies. Let’s get it.
  7. I love a classic glazed donut and these have me drooling!
  8. Natural deodorant – where do we fall on this? It’s probably TMI, but my underarms are very sensitive and every time I’ve attempted to change up my scent or brand I have a terrible reaction. But in theory, I shouldn’t with something “natural,” right?

Thursday Things

  1. They found an alligator in Lake Michigan. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Done.
  2. Have you registered to vote? The deadline for Wisconsin is the 17th. Checking it off my To Do List led to accomplishing some other adult tasks as well. Get up on it!
  3. I finished The Sinner and guys. GUYS. What a twist! I didn’t see it coming! And neither did Seth who I conned into watching an episode and a half with me.
  4. Somehow I’ve managed to get bitten by the last two remaining mosquitoes in all of Wisconsin. Oy.
  5. This is currently sitting in my makeup drawer. And I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep it? The colors are creamy and pigmented but I’m so bad at wearing anything else than gold/bronze. Seth did notice I had different colors on my lids – a detail that I think would’ve gone unnoticed by most men.
  6. The new update to iPhone means I can now set time limits on certain apps. Which is awesome. It also means I can circle around those time limits if I feel like it and want to keep watching Instagram videos of puppies being rescued. Which is awesome.
  7. 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorite movies ever and Cruella is one of my favorite characters ever so I am dying over this Halloween makeup look.
  8. On another Halloween note, who knew how hard it would be to find a red power suit and briefcase. Three thrift stores so far and zip.
  9. I’ve been on a major Earl Grey tea kick lately. I have a few glasses of it a day, a very strange development for this coffee fiend. But I cannot get enough! I even got some decaf tea to sip on at night because I just crave the comfort it’s bringing me at the moment.

Thursday Thing


  1. It’s decorative gourd season. Again!
  2. I picked up a copy of The Woman in Cabin 10 and really looking forward to starting it! I need to read more. And I need to stop saying that.
  3. The other day I watched the series finale of Will & Grace and Hulu took that as an excuse to start right in on the series premiere of The Golden Girls. I don’t know if I should be impressed or upset at the insight they have into my tastes in television.
  4. Also, when I say “watched” I really mean I had it on in the background while I puttered around doing work. I feel the need to make that clear as most every Thursday Things involves me talking about tv.
  5. So…might as well continue with that and say that on a whim I started The Sinner last night after a bath and ho.lee.buckets. So good! Jessica Biel has never been better – truly. And her husband looks like Bobo John Snow.
  6. Maybe I’d have more time to read if I didn’t dive into shows like that? And lose 2.5 hours of my life? Hmm…food for thought.
  7. Since The Greatest Love Story Ever Told just came out on Tuesday and Punch Up the Jam has been on hiatus for a month, I kind of stalled out on things to listen to earlier this week and fiiiiinally ventured back into MFM. I listened to two minisodes and am happy to say that I haven’t had any nightmares. Yet! Dunno that I’m brave enough to keep listening to more though, for the sake of my sanity and Seth’s too (Lord knows my incessant string of texts at 2am can’t be any more entertaining for him to get than they are for me to send).
  8. There’s already peppermint bark flavored treats on grocery stores shelves and I’m so here for it! I picked up some Blue Bunny ice cream thingies and they’re to die for!
  9. VINDICATION! Although, it’s so chilly in my house at the moment that the butter sitting out on my counter isn’t actually any more spreadable than straight from the fridge. Love this time of year!


Thursday Things


  1. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman wrote a book! It comes out next week and I cannot wait to listen to it. Then read it. The re-listen. Then reread.
  2. My grandma and aunt came to visit this week! They’d been wanting to get down and see my apartment and where I work and where Seth and I will live after the wedding for quite some time. It was so fun to show them around town and eat and talk. I’ll never tire of being within driving distance of my family.
  3. They also brought me the most adorable vintage cape coat! It’s a beautiful orange wool plaid pattern with orange satin lining. Their vote is for me to turn it into a pumpkin costume for Halloween. Mine is just to wear it forever and ever, amen.
  4. This album was made for cool fall mornings. Seriously, I listened to it on loop this same time last year and now it’s back on heavy rotation. Get up on it.
  5. Apparently Edgar read my post last week and decided to make up for all his good behavior. Last night I came home to a disaster of monumental proportions. The bathroom was wreck, their was laundry everywhere, he’d dug out boxes of chicken stock from the pantry and emptied them onto the couch. Somehow, in all this chaos, he managed to shake off his collar and lose it. In the house? I looked for the better part of a half hour while cleaning up his handiwork and for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere. Kudos, Little Man, kudos.
  6. I got a few bottles of the Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider soap that everyone is raving about and I’ve got to say…I get it. I really, really do. And now I want to get all of it before it disappears for a year and smell it for months to come!
  7. Poor Seth caught my cold – and it’s somehow gotten worse. I don’t know if it’s a bigger cold for a bigger guy or what, but it sure knocked him down. I feel guilty. And have subsequently tried to stave it off with copious amounts of tea and soup.
  8. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, please do! You’ll be glad you did!), you’ll have seen in my stories that I made pear cider from How Sweet Eats. It’s a genius recipe and I cannot wait to make more! Apple too!
  9. My first official item of fall décor has been purchased! I got the teeniest pumpkins from a local produce stand and they’re too cute for words. I regret not buying the entire crate as they were only $0.50 each, but maybe she’ll have more next week!