Thursday Things

  1. I am on day five of my cheesy advent calendar and this is so much fun.
  2. Speaking of cheese (again), as of now – my upcoming Holiday Cheeseboard class is SOLD OUT. I cannot believe it. I’m in awe. And so excited to make some cheeseboards!
  3. Seth and I started watching Sex Education on Netflix and it’s quickly become one of our favorite shows. Yes, it’s raunchy and full of inappropriate words. But it’s also full of heart and humor and a deeper meaning. Season two starts in January and we are so ready!
  4. I got my mom a Nicholas Cage Pillow for her birthday. She loved it even more than I thought she would.
  5. Got these bibs when Seth and I went down to Chicago for our early anniversary trip. They’re my new favorite. They can be paired with a Christmas sweater or worn when I’m on location. Highly recommend.
  6. Seth also picked up a new coat…for Edgar! “For chores.” (Find the photographic evidence on my “Edgar James” story highlights on IG!)
  7. We were all clad in our Carhartt-ed best when we went in search of a tree. Turns out! All these lovely, quaint, small-town cut-your-own Christmas tree farms are closed Monday – Thursday! So, we got our tree from a local, beloved plant shop. We brought it home, put it up, and watched it promptly topple over when I tried to water it. Thank goodness it wasn’t decorated yet!
  8. Dots Pretzels. Seth and I had them as a car snack a few days ago and ohmygosh I cannot believe how good they are! Makes me want to do a fun seasoned or spiced pretzel/snack mix for the holidays!  

Thankful Things

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all enjoying time with your family and friends, eating food that was made with love and filling yourself up with carbs and the comfort that comes from gratitude.

I just wanted to take a minute out of all the pie and pilgrims to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For all of you, any of you, who have ever read, commented, followed along, or made a recipe. For any of you who have supported me in any way. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I am, without you. So, thank you.

There’s one reader in particular I want to give my utmost thanks to – my husband. He is the reason you’re reading more posts, seeing more pictures. He’s the reason I’m following my dreams. He is steady and strong. I am eternally grateful for his love and encouragement. Thank you, sweet Seth.

May today kick off the happiest holiday season for you and yours. As for me and mine, I’ve already donned a Christmas sweater and mulled some cider for an evening of Elf viewing. May our gratitude flow like maple syrup over spaghetti <3

Thursday Things

Autumn Spice Chex Mix Recipe
  1. That up there? Oh, just a recipe for Brown Sugar & Spice Snack Mix that I made for Webster’s a few weeks ago. I absolutely luh-huv how the recipe turned out and the photos too! And I’m not the only one! Chex Mix cereal saw them on Instagram and sent me the most wonderful care package ever! It’s full of holiday goodies and recipes themed around classic Christmas movies. I can’t wait to make treats!
  2. I just started watching the second Holiday edition of Great British Bake-Off and it makes me so stinking happy. And in the mood to develop a recipe for mulled wine.
  3. Speaking of mulled wine! The Christkindlmarket starts in Chicago tomorrow! Seth and I will be in town next week and I cannot wait to take him! He’s never been. Ever! Oh what fun (and wine) we’ll have!
  4. How behind the times am I in having just joined The FeedFeed? I have a little profile page that links to everything if you’re interested in taking a look!
  5. To that end – should I also be joining Food Gawker? Is that still a thing? Oy am I out of touch!
  6. Actually, I am aggressively out of touch. Because I just started watching Charlie Berens videos. His one on Midwest Nice?! Hello, my business model!
  7. We need more fried cheese on salads. Don’t you agree? I know Jessica over at How Sweet Eats does!
  8. This coat is ridiculously warm. And makes me look like Fran Fine! Gah. I love it! I got it on clearance at the end of last winter and it’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve made!

Thursday Things

Mardis Gras beads

  1. Those beads right there? Smacked me in the face during a Mardis Gras parade. If you were following along on IG then you already knew that, and if you weren’t, then you missed out!
  2. Because I also met the Pen Pals! Ryan and I shouted “Saga!” as they went by on their float (it’s an inside thing, so you’ll have to just listen to the show). Then we ended up having a drink and chatting with them and it was truly a magical night. Only surpassed by the magic of the first live episode. This felt like a once in a lifetime experience – we were there! I’m still grinning.
  3. It’s flu season and anger season. Emotions are contagious, y’all.
  4. More social media stuff: I’ve turned off the notifications for all my apps and let me tell you – it’s been at once both liberating and illuminating. Even without notifications going off I’m still super addicted to checking my phone. Hello, time suck. I’m truly hoping to get better at that (while also still being engaged and growing my audience so that’s a fun catch 22). Does anyone else did with this? How do you combat the siren call of the screen when you’ve got work to do on these platforms?
  5. Even though Seth and I have only been married for 1 month (OMG), we’ve been bombarded with questions (and suggestions…) about when we’re having kids. This article from Julie pretty much sums up how I feel about that. Thank you, next.
  6. Finally started reading “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” and I’m in love. I haven’t been this engrossed by a book in ages.
  7. This weekend I’ll be officially moving in with Seth! About time, right? After all of the moving I’ve done in the last three years (including three moves in less than a year), I had kind of been dreading uprooting my happy home but I know that we’re going to be creating a happier home. So everything will be ok.

Thursday Things

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress

  1. Last week I smashed my finger. This week I cut the tip off the same finger in an unfortunate cilantro incident. My nail will grow back…eventually. The things I do for guacamole.
  2. The Carhartt leggings were everything I’d hoped they’d be! And more!
  3. Tomorrow I fly to Houston with my friend Ryan to have a weekend in Tuxas. (That’s an inside joke for any Pennie or Paller that may be reading.) We’ll be attending the first live episode of Pen Pals on Sunday afternoon and I. Cannot. Wait!
  4. I know I’ve mentioned it before (and I’ll be sure to mention it again) but I’m making YouTube videos now! For a local grocery store! Watch and subscribe here!
  5. This woman pretending to put dry shampoo on her dog is too cute!
  6. Late to the party on this one but I adore Kacey Musgraves! We had “Butterflies” on our wedding playlist and I can’t stop listening to her album. Or scrolling her gorgeous IG feed.
  7. Brussels Sprouts Toast!!!
  8. We’re only 44 days out from the final season premiere of GoT. Here’s a handy countdown for you to keep track!
  9. Collagen Peptides. They’re in my coffee now. So, that’s a thing I’m doing.

Thursday Things

Edgar James

  1. I jammed my finger killing a spider yesterday. It’s all puffy and bruised. I haven’t done that since I played basketball in middle school. Oy.
  2. My friend Kristen and I booked a room on the Golden Girls Cruise for next year! I can’t believe in just 368 days we’ll be setting sail from Miami in our finest silk nightgowns.
  3. I finally bit the bullet and put Edgar on anti-anxiety medication. Of course, the day after I did that he wound up in the emergency vet on an un-related issue. He’s just gotta be difficult. (And is doing just fine now, thankfully.)
  4. As my wedding bouquet finally and completely gives out, I’m aching for the smell of fresh lilacs in spring. Anyone else?
  5. And right after typing that, I clicked on this post from Jessica. The first pic? Lilacs! Omg. Spooky. Her words were also so necessary for me to read.
  6. Elise got me this pin for Galentine’s Day and it’s perfection. Duke’s or death.
  7. Podcast things: MFM will never get old. FTCF (if you know, you know). The PenPals read my letter a few episodes ago! Go listen! It’s under the title “Midwestern Grandma.” And Jason Mantzoukas may be my very favorite guest on any show I listen to.
  8. Carhartt makes leggings now! Mine should be arriving today and I cannot wait to try them on!