Thursday Things

  1. I skipped Thursday Things last week. I missed two posts while I was home actually. It was my little sister’s birthday, for one. And we were busy watching Disney movies and eating Chinese takeout, for two and three.
  2. I was just busy all around when I was home. A friend told me (on one of the many visits I had with friends) that coming home is never really a vacation – it’s always a “visit” and that is so right. Of the 8 days I was home, I think I was in the car for a solid 72 hours. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Next time I’ll just have to have more posts ready to go. Live and learn.
  3. Getting ready for bed last night, I realized most of my beloved TV heroines wear cutesy, matching pajama sets. Like Mindy. And Jess. I came to this conclusion as I was putting a pair of my own on. I don’t hate it.
  4. I’m gonna be working on my DIY skills soon – I ordered some tabletops and legs from Ikea to overhaul my office space. I’ve been writing at my dining room table since I moved into my house because my childhood desk occupies my office.
  5. Do you watch the Bachelor? I cannot believe it’s still a thing. I’ve never really been into it, but I know friends who watch so intensely they have brackets on their walls of the contestants.
  6. Did you see the performance? I almost missed it (I don’t like staying up late). But I think what’s worth talking about more is what she’s done since. She hasn’t hidden or shied away, she has kept going. It’s a good lesson for any of us – make a mistake, keep moving forward.
  7. Do you know about the Pastry Affair? You probably do. I read a lot of Kristen’s work in college, but fell away from it in the past few years. I’m so happy I rediscovered it.