Browned Butter Sage Stuffing with Walnuts & Cranberries (& a Thanksgiving Menu)

This is better than I thought it would be. Truly, when I went to put together suggestions for this year’s festivities I thought it would be slim pickings. That there wouldn’t be much to choose from because I hadn’t gotten up nearly as many posts as planned. I’d been behind, slacking, negligent about my duties and responsibilities. Turns out, that wasn’t (entirely) the case. It’s rewarding to look back on the year and see what’s been accomplished. I got more up than I planned! And a lot of it would fit nicely on the Thanksgiving table, if there’s still room.

Browned Butter Sage Stuffing with Walnuts & Cranberries

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Cinco Leches Cake (& a secret ingredient)

I have a hard time liking what I make.

Not because it’s not good. It is! My friends and family and random strangers who I share my wares with all enjoy what I make. They are enthusiastic and emphatic in their praise.

I am, however, my harshest critic. Always have been, (probably) always will be. (I shudder to think at someone being harsher to me than I am.) I’ve got a bad case of perfectionism with a touch of the imposter syndrome – so even if a dessert is good, even great, I think it can be better.

There are exceptions – of course. My banana cream pie, for instance. Or my browned butter chocolate chip cookies. Marion’s mayo cake is beloved by everyone – even me!

And now, there’s this cake. A cake so good it sold out in one night the first time I made it (something my coconut icebox cake was also capable of). A cake so good I waited an entire year to make it again, because I just had to make it again. A cake so good even I like it.

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Gingerbread Trifle

I accidentally made you a trifle. Because I was purposely trying to make you a cake.

The best laid plans, amirite?

I’ve always been a fan of kitchen gadgets that are useful and serve a multitude of functions. If it’s going to live in my cupboards, it better be useful in more than one way. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. There always are.

A cookie press. A lamb cake mold. A trifle dish. Not things I use on a daily basis, but they’ll stay in my cupboards. Because when I need them, I neeeeeeed them.

And I needed my trifle dish when I flubbed this cake. And you need a trifle dish because you just plain ol’ need this trifle in your life!

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