Grandma Green’s Cutout Cookies

It’s here! It’s here! Cookie Week has begun!

Classic Cutout Cookies

And I can’t think of a better way to start it off than with a tried and true classic – the cutout cookie. There isn’t a more quintessentially Christmas-y cookie out there, in my opinion.

Classic Cutout Cookies

And these cutouts? Oh, they’re something special. First of all, they’re a recipe that’s been passed down through the family. Tried and true and trusted. And for good reason! The recipe is simple and essentially fool-proof. Second, it’s gonna make a lot of dough. And I mean a. lot. Dozens of dozens of cookies. Depending on the size of your cutters you could be looking at 150 – 200 cookies. Now that’s a problem I enjoy having. Lastly, they’re delicious! I find that a lot of cutouts sacrifice flavor for function. Sure, they maintain they’re perfect shape, but they taste like cardboard…with less flavor. I’ll take a slightly soft, sweet, and chewy cookie that’s a bit soft on the edges over a cardboard cutout any day.

Who’s with me?

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