Gingerbread Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

My mom is a very direct person. She’s a straight shooter and says what she means.

She also happens to be very wise.

gingerbread cake 1

These traits have led her to share a wealth of knowledge with me over the years. Some big (always keep emergency cash on hand. Always.) and some small (microwave a stale doughnut). Many in the culinary vein (if it doesn’t fit in the microwave, then find something else to cook).

One of the most important nuggets she ever shared with me was that you do not, under any circumstances, ever frost a cake that is not completely cooled. Don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t.

I was baking a cake to take into school and had a friend over. My priorities were on hanging out with my friend and not on taking any care with frosting the cake. I wanted it to be done so I could move on to more important things like gossiping about boys and listening to Cher’s greatest hits CD (I was an enigma of a teen, what can I say?).

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Gingerbread Trifle

I accidentally made you a trifle. Because I was purposely trying to make you a cake.

The best laid plans, amirite?

I’ve always been a fan of kitchen gadgets that are useful and serve a multitude of functions. If it’s going to live in my cupboards, it better be useful in more than one way. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. There always are.

A cookie press. A lamb cake mold. A trifle dish. Not things I use on a daily basis, but they’ll stay in my cupboards. Because when I need them, I neeeeeeed them.

And I needed my trifle dish when I flubbed this cake. And you need a trifle dish because you just plain ol’ need this trifle in your life!

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