Thursday Things

A bearded man with long hair wearing a tan Carhartt vest sits on the floor of what will be a garden shed. He is smiling.
  1. We (and by “we” I mean “Seth but he lets me hold the hammer”) are building a garden shed! For when it’s (finally/eventually) above 40 degrees!
  2. Seth and I ventured out of the house on Sunday (I hadn’t left our property in 16 days) to get takeout food from Horseradish. I got teary eyed when Matt left the bag outside of our car. I can’t wait to hug people again!
  3. At least I still get to hug Seth (who enjoys hugging) and Edgar (who has no free will and can’t stop me). I make it up to Edgar with homemade dog treats – you can catch a full rundown of me making him a batch on my Instagram story highlights!
  4. These Cara Cara Orange Bars (with a thyme shortbread crust!) are so springy, bright, and fresh. Even though Cara’s are out of season, I think I’m going to make a batch soon with some grapefruits I have sitting in the fridge. #fridgeforaging is where we’re at right now.
  5. Speaking of fridge finds – I made the best side dish last night to go with our Shepherd’s Pie. Sweet and spicy carrots! All I did was peel and cut fresh carrots into matchsticks, drizzle em with olive oil and honey and then sprinkle them with salt and cayenne. Roasted at 400 to crispy perfection!
  6. More podcast news! Noble Blood is my new, new favorite! It’s amazing! It’s about historical monarchies and the bloodshed and terror that are oftentimes associated with reigning over countries. I am learning so much and the production value is
  7. Can you imagine the brain space you’d save if you didn’t remember things like the name of Sabrina’s boyfriend (Harvey) or best friend (Valerie) from a show that hasn’t been on the air in nearly twenty years?
  8. How absolutely breathtaking do these Cinnamon and CARDAMOM morning buns look?!

Butternut Squash Cake with Brandy Butterscotch (& growth)

Everyone’s always talking about how much growth happens during the first year of marriage. Adjusting to a new life together, learning how to compromise, figuring out the best communication style to avoid hurt feelings.

Butternut Squash Cake with Brandy Butterscotch

All very real things that Seth and I have dealt with. All things that we’re learning as we grow in life and in love.

There’s also been a much more literal kind of growth in our first year together. We started a garden! We grew tomatoes, peppers, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi – the list goes on! There were rows of sweet corn and piles of green beans. Birds are still eating seeds from sunflowers the size of hubcaps. Then there were the total and complete failures too: radishes so spicy they made our eyes water, Brussels sprouts that never got larger than a marble, one measly little watermelon that was more rind than fruit.

Butternut Squash Cake with Brandy Butterscotch

This last failure I blame on our squash. I don’t know what it is about our soil, but our squash plants went absolutely bonkers. They took over a quarter of the space, crawled over the fence (and pulled it down!), and smothered any and all other plants in their path.

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