Thursday Things


  1. Amanda Shires was marvelous – in case you were wondering! Really and truly one of the better shows I’ve been to. It was a small and intimate space and both Seth and I felt as if we were hanging out with friends instead of at a concert.
  2. Before the show, we enjoyed an equally marvelous dinner at The Diplomat on Brady Street. The menu was very reminiscent of my time at GB&D and any meal experience at Hot Chocolate (as is the style, I suppose). They make a mean cocktail and the service was superb too!
  3. Because I am a control enthusiast (a title bestowed upon me by a coworker), I like getting to concerts early to scope out a spot and get situated, get a drink, and get ready to boogie. I also love listening to the opener! It’s how I hear such amazing artists as Leah Blevins! She stole the show with her glorious voice and heartfelt lyrics. I’ve been listening to her songs all week! She was in the crowd during Amanda’s performance and Seth and I said hi, praised her skills. She was kind and genuine and wished us well on our marriage. It was one of the most uplifting interactions I’ve ever had with a musician. And we kinda want to invite her to our wedding.
  4. Remember my friend, Nick? This weekend he told me he’s going full time with his woodworking business! I’m SO PROUD of him!
  5. This is coming on the heels of another friend, Kim, pursuing her passion for writing full time and Mandy deciding to begin a tattooing apprenticeship. There’s something in the water and I’m very excited about it!
  6. The mosquitos are absolutely ridiculous right now! Like, nuclear level. The last few days at the dog park have been unbearable without bug spray. The bites are so bad they hurt. And the welts I’m left with are golfball sized! I’m half concerned they’ll carry Edgar away when I’m not looking.
  7. It’s apple season! And pear! And grape! We’re heading up to the farmhouse at the beginning of next week to spend a few days enjoying the last bits of summer and the beginning of fall. I can’t wait to pick the aforementioned fruits and harvest what’s left in the garden. There’s also a small grove of olive trees I need to figure out what to do with.
  8. This time of year reminds me of “You’ve Got Mail” where she talks about a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and I’m gonna have to go watch that movie now kthxbai.

Tiramisu Cream Puffs (& support)

“If you don’t mind – I’d really like you to be in the picture with us.”

We were sitting around the table, finishing up the catered breakfast. We’d been up since 4am to make it to breakfast at 7:30. Farmers and their early mornings. All around us other farmers were eating and drinking, discussing crop yields and “this weather we’re having.” We swam in a sea of plaid shirts and dirty baseball caps, a chorus of “You betcha!” and “Where ya from?” rang out.

Seth and his father were being honored for their farmhouse in Shawano – it had been in the family for over 100 years, a true milestone. Even I, a non-farmer raised on a non-farm, knew that. Seth had asked me to be there, at the State Fair, when his family was awarded. To share in the moment, hear when his name was called.

I cheered and whooped when the announcer said his county, his last name. Correctly, I might add, which wasn’t the case with all the other farmers. (I don’t know if you know this, but Wisconsin is home to some doozy counties and even doozier family names.)

More names were called, more weathered hands were raised – acknowledging the achievement and then quickly returning to seats. Most of these folks weren’t used to being in the spotlight, they were just doing what they’d always done, what their parents (and their parents’ parents) had always done. The tent was filled with a quiet and certain pride, the recognition may not have been desired, but it was well deserved. The list was longer than I expected, the calling and clapping continued through two cups of coffee – hot, strong, fuel to get through a morning at the Fair and a day in the fields.

Then came the photos with the plaque, the flowers, the smiling shoulder to shoulder. I was honored to be involved. Honored Seth had wanted me there by his side, with his family. The photo would be framed and hung at the farm. Maybe for the next hundred years.

Seth thanked me for being there – as if I would want to be anywhere else. In reality, I should have been thanking him. And I try to every day. Because, he doesn’t wait for an awards ceremony to support me, to celebrate me. He’s here, every day, reading my words, listening to my worries, and eating my wares. Constant and consistent care for my dreams, ideas, hopes, and feelings.

He believes in me.

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