Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownies


The Best Brownie Recipe

Another Valentine’s Day recipe? Yes! The day after Valentine’s Day? Also, yes! We’re putting that clearance candy to good use today with these Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownies!

After yesterday, you’ve undoubtedly got some chocolates laying around the house. Or you have plans to go buy some for 75% off. I’m not above it.

Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownies

It can feel a bit ridiculous and overly indulgent to sit on the couch and pop chocolate after chocolate, truffle after truffle into your mouth. Maybe it’s just me? But, somehow, putting those same exact chocolates into brownie batter makes them less indulgent? Because when you eat a brownie you’re only eating one-maybe-two chocolates and then, you’re good. Versus eating half a box of them in one sitting and still feeling like you’re not satisfied.

Again, maybe it’s just me? I hope it’s not just me.

The Best Brownie Recipe

Because you should really make these brownies.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tart

This Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tart is what every chocoholics’ dreams are made of. A crispy, chocolate cookie crust filled to bursting with fresh strawberry jam and the silkiest chocolate ganache you’ve ever tasted. Then a garnish of fresh, bright berries – for good measure and a real “wow” factor. It’ll make you fall in love.
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tart

Let’s talk about this chocolate covered strawberry tart, shall we?

Let’s talk about the Oreo cookie crust and how dang easy it is to put together! Because it requires only two ingredients!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tart

Then again, the chocolate filling may be easier? It also requires only two ingredients!

The strawberry filling is just a simple layer of strawberry jam! We all know I’m partial to Seth’s – it truly is the best! But (and not to sound like the Barefoot Contessa over here), store-bought is fine.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Desserts
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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are an indulgent and easy Valentine’s Day dessert that can be made for a fraction of the cost of the high-priced, store-bought ones. Customize them with your favorite chocolate – dark, milk, or white. You can even top them with crushed cookies, candies, or sprinkles!
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe

Buckle up, y’all. We’re starting Valentine’s Day preparations with a batch of chocolate covered strawberries!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Recipe

Some may argue that it’s too soon to start Valentine’s Day planning.

Some may argue that it’s just a holiday invented by the greeting card companies to sell more product.

Melted Ghirardelli Chocolate

And to those people I say….shut your mouth! But not before you put a chocolate covered strawberry in it!

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Chocolate Cake for One (Or Two) (& tastes)

There was a period of time in college where I wanted nothing to do with chocolate.

Didn’t care for it. Not the sight of it, the smell of it, and especially not the taste of it.

This continued for about a year. Not wanting anything chocolate flavored or related or even tangentially connected to it. And this was way back when I worked at a candy magazine and was constantly surround by chocolates of all varieties. It was a dark time.

Thank god that’s over.

The distaste was merely a blip, a nonevent in my tastebuds’ lives. Now, blessedly, I love chocolate once more. Can’t get enough of it, actually.

My favorite way to eat it? In cake.

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Marion’s Mayo Cake (& reasoning)

My little sister’s alarm went off. Again. She didn’t stir. Again. I crawled in beside her, jostling her awake.

“I don’t wanna get up,” she mumbled, rolling over.

“None of us want to be awake, do we?” my mom said, coming into the room. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at us. Decision flashed across her face. She smiled. “Make room for Mom!” She crawled in between us, making a sandwich. Daughter, mother, daughter. Not to be left out, Edgar jumped up onto the foot of the bed. He quickly fell back asleep, despite the tossing and turning of three other bodies. My mom faced my sister and I began to scratch her back, an absentminded move I’d picked up from her – years of her tucking us in at night or snuggling on the couch.

I see that moment in my mind’s eye so clearly. Viewing it from the ceiling, watching the scene play out below. My mom turning the other direction, facing me, smiling. My little sister now scratching her back. We laid there for awhile, my foot dangled off the edge of the bed. No one rushed to get up, to start the day. Instead, we laid in silence for a while – our breathing beginning to match Edgar’s steady inhale and exhale.

When people ask me how being home is – I wish I could show them this moment, have them feel what I felt. Because this is how being home is. It’s the opportunity to crawl into my little sister’s bed and joke around with her, the ability to make my mom laugh when I eventually try to dismount from the mattress and land less-than-gracefully on my backside.

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