Brioche Burger Buns (& barbecues)

‘Tis the season, y’all!

It’s warm enough for a cookout!




You name it, I want it on the grill. Piled high on a paper plate. Served with a side of corn on the cob. Or coleslaw. Or Jell-O salad (God bless the Midwest and the ability to call something that’s half Cool Whip a “salad”).

All those burgers and bbq need a soft place to land, a comfortable place to rest. Enter, these brioche burger buns! Buttery, soft, tender as all get out! They will elevate any backyard shindig and are the perfect beginning and end to a summertime sandwich.

You can thank me later.

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Easy Quick Bread

Growing up, my mom used to give out pans of her famous double fudge brownies to the neighbors when they shoveled our walk. After a huge storm, they’d come to our door, frozen runny noses and all, take the pan in gloved hands, and walk home across the newly clear path. God bless those boys. They saved my mom, sisters, and I countless hours of shoveling and sore backs.

In college, I carried on my own version of this, giving my across the hall neighbors different baked goods or making Sunday Suppers for us. I’d often hear a furtive knock on my door followed by a sly “What did you make now?” when I had something cooling on the counter, the scent inevitably drifting into the hall.

I’ve been very fortunate in my (albeit, short) life to have very pleasant neighboring experiences.

My current neighbors are no exception. They’re friendly and helpful and generous. Helping me when I moved in, keeping an eye on the place when I’m out of town, sharing the bounty from their garden with me over the summer.

They gave me so much zucchini over the warmer months that I couldn’t possibly use it all. Because I hate waste, I knew the easiest answer was to grate it and freeze it, envisioning the zucchini bread I’d have when the weather turned and I wanted a taste of summer. This craving is also what keeps me up to my eyeballs in frozen bananas year-round.

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