Vanilla Bourbon Marshmallows (& winter weather)

I shouldn’t have done it.

Bourbon Vanilla Marshmallows

I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth.

Going on about the warm weather, lack of snow. Reveling in my ability to start my car right when I wanted to leave, not a half hour beforehand. Enjoying a longer walk with Edgar, neither of us bundled up.

Bourbon Vanilla Marshmallows

Spoke way too soon on that one.

Winter weather is back with full-force. And I forgot my gloves on my walk this morning.

Bourbon Vanilla Marshmallows

Luckily, I made marshmallows for the numerous cups of hot chocolate that will be absolutely necessary to survive. With bourbon for a little added warmth, ya heard?

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Maple Bourbon Glazed Bacon

There’s a sticker on my computer that says “I <3 Bacon.” Because I don’t believe in false advertising. I do, indeed, heart bacon. So do the strangers who come up to me and shout, “Hey! I love bacon too!” It’s always a nice conversation starter and makes me feel like I’ve found new friends.

maple bourbon glazed bacon | via Midwest Nice Blog

Do you want to make new friends? Then first, make this bacon. Glaze it with brown sugar, maple syrup, and a touch of bourbon. Because bacon makes everything better. And bouron makes bacon better. Simple math.

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Bourbon Pecan Pie

Y’all. This. Pie.


Pecan pie is not something I ever ate before moving. French Silk? Yep. Especially if my mom took the trouble to defrost if fresh for us that day. Apple? Only if it was my grandma’s or from the Amish bakery an hour away. Banana Cream? Truly, this may be where my love affair with pie began, thanks to Back In The Day Bakery.

But, you know what they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in the South, put bacon fat in your piecrust and bourbon in your pecan pie.

bourbon pecan pie5

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