PB&J Scones, Two Ways (& preferences)

Serious question time.

Do you prefer your PB&J with grape jelly and creamy peanut butter or strawberry jam and crunchy peanut butter?

If I’m being totally honest I would go with grape jelly and creamy peanut butter. On whole wheat bread.

I know not everyone is in that camp. This is a point that has been hotly contested amongst my friends many a time.

The last time I got into this discussion, I was at Bunny’s house. She made Nick and I some PB&Js before Royal Rumble started and honestly, that’s one of my favorite memories from my visit to Greenville. There’s something perfectly comforting about a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Especially when it’s made by someone you love.

Nick had never been to Bunny’s house and it was my first time back there on my trip. It was drizzling outside, Bunny’s place was warm as it always was. One of the first things she did upon our arrival was offer us some snacks. She got down to the task of making us sandwiches while Nick walked around her house in wonder. I had done it too on my first visit. Bunny and her husband, Justin, have curated and cultivated a beautiful space. One totally their own and entirely representative of who they are and what they love. There are prints and pictures and Pyrex in every corner. The walls are striped and the ceilings painted bright colors.

Nick and I sat with our food while Bunny bustled around in the kitchen – preparing for the Royal Rumble party. I reclined into my vintage loveseat, now at home in their sitting room, Nick across from me on an old church pew. The coffee table between us held stacks of books and comics and candles and records. Bruno and Lulu, Bunny and Justin’s teacup Yorkies, ran around underfoot. We talked and chewed, took everything in as the rain fell outside.

I wanted to recreate that moment with these scones – warm and comforting, and full of familiar, well-loved flavors. Whatever your preference, grape or strawberry, crunchy or creamy, I think we can all agree that the result is delicious.

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Wildcat Scones

I eat a lot. Are we really surprised? I think about what I’m going to be eating for lunch while making breakfast. I plan my breakfast whilst eating dinner. I make my own food and I eat out. The latter informs the former quite a bit.

Wildcat Scones | via Midwest Nice Blog

There’s nothing I love more than having an amazing dish when I’m out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and then attempting to recreate it in my own kitchen. The flavors or method or combination

Wildcat Scones | via Midwest Nice Blog

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French Onion Scones with Roasted Garlic Butter

It happened! My mojo is once more!

French Onion Scones with Roasted Garlic Butter | via Midwest Nice Blog

I told y’all. Just needed to let it run its course. And it did and it’s gone and I’m back!

French Onion Scones with Roasted Garlic Butter | via Midwest Nice Blog

These French Onion Scones are what kicked my funk to the curb. I had been trying so hard to force something sweet to come out of my oven when what really needed to happen was something savory.

I love making scones and biscuits of all sorts. There is something so therapeutic about cutting butter into flour and folding dough over and over. When my hands are moving, fingers coated in flour, easily remembering the formula and ritual, my mind can wander and I’m suddenly relieved of whatever tension or troubles were weighing me down. I love watching them puff up in the oven, golden brown and flaky. While they bake, I’m left with plenty of time to clean up what little mess I’ve made before sitting down to enjoy one fresh out of the oven. They’re so comforting. So delicious.

French Onion Scones with Roasted Garlic Butter | via Midwest Nice Blog

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Peppermint Hot Cocoa Scones

It’s raining! Finally! We’ve been in a draught here for months now. Yesterday, the skies finally opened up and let down that sweet, sweet rain. And lots of it!

There was a small window in the afternoon where it stopped raining and the sun came out. I had two choices. Bake and photograph these scones or buy a Christmas tree.

peppermint hot cocoa scone

I chose the tree. I know, I know, a baker chose not to bake. But! I’m also a new homeowner and this is my first Christmas in my first home and I haven’t had a real honest-to-goodness tree in over 10 years. It was really a no brainer.

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