King Cake Layer Cake

Full of brown sugar, bourbon, cinnamon, and pecans – this King Cake Layer Cake has all the flavors of the traditional NOLA dessert! Instead of a yeasted dough, moist cake layers studded with pecans and sprinkled with cinnamon are soaked with a bourbon syrup and topped with layer of a light and airy Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Baby Jesus figurine not totally necessary, but always totally fun!
King Cake Layer Cake with Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream

This isn’t a new recipe.

At least, not entirely! It’s just an improved version of an already incredibly popular recipe on this little ol’ site of mine.

A slice of King Cake Layer Cake with Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream


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Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treats

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treats are an easy, no-bake Christmas dessert option for anyone and everyone. They combine all the delicious flavors of a Peppermint Mocha Latte with the ease of marshmallow cereal treats. Find the recipe at the link below!

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treat Recipe

This is the last of ‘em. The last of the Christmas creations.

And, maybe, the last of the peppermint mocha situation, too.

Peppermint Mocha Cereal Treat Recipe

Then again. Maybe not. Maybe I’ve got another peppermint-y, mocha-y treat coming.

Because I’m totally on board with Gilmore Girls Season 7. At least, one point they make in Season 7, because, by and large, the final season is basically a gigantic dumpster fire. (Stay with me here – I have a point, I promise.)

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Holiday Cocktail Trio

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to create a fun, festive holiday cocktail trio! Make one or make them all this year to spread a little holiday cheer!

What kind of cocktail drinker are you?

Do you like a mixologist to make you something that costs $16? With burnt herbs and whipped egg whites and house made shrubs?

Classic Tom & Jerry Cocktail Recipe

 Do you like rail gin with canned tonic and a lime wedge? That comes in a plastic cup and gets set on a cardboard coaster?

Peppermint Mocha Martini Recipe

Do you prefer mocktails? No hooch in sight so no hangover the next morning?

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Peppermint Mocha Bûche de Noël

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

I don’t know that I’ve been this pumped for a Tuesday since…well, I don’t know when!

But, today! This Tuesday! This Tuesday of Tuesdays is different.

This Tuesday I am victorious! This Tuesday I am triumphant! This Tuesday…I am sharing a Bûche de Noël with you!

Finally. After years of wanting to and trying to. After many unsuccessful attempts at Swiss Roll Cakes I have figured. It. Out.

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Creme Brûlée (Toasted) Sugar Cookies (& pie weights)

Toasted sugar, you say?

Toasted sugar, I say!

What is toasted sugar, you say?

I’ll tell you what toasted sugar is, I say!

(Can you tell I’ve had a lot of coffee today?)

Toasted sugar is just regular ol’ sugar that’s been toasted. That’s it! Very simple. It’s as easy as, well…pie! The toasting process comes from making pie. Lots of pie. Like, seriously, a lot of pies.

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