Homemade Cold Brew Coffee with Whiskey + Salted Cold Foam

Homemade Cold Brew Irish Coffee

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee + Homemade Cold Foam + Irish Whiskey + Sea Salt = the only drink you’ll need for St. Patrick’s Day!  

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

It seems weird to be typing out a St. Patrick’s Day recipe right now. With the school closures and the event cancellations and the massive stockpiling of toilet paper.

But what else can I do? What else should I do? I’m washing my hands religiously, wiping down surfaces like a maniac, and avoiding unnecessary trips out in public. (Truth be told, I do all of those things majority of the time anyway.)

Irish Iced Coffee Recipe
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Holiday Cocktail Trio

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to create a fun, festive holiday cocktail trio! Make one or make them all this year to spread a little holiday cheer!

What kind of cocktail drinker are you?

Do you like a mixologist to make you something that costs $16? With burnt herbs and whipped egg whites and house made shrubs?

Classic Tom & Jerry Cocktail Recipe

 Do you like rail gin with canned tonic and a lime wedge? That comes in a plastic cup and gets set on a cardboard coaster?

Peppermint Mocha Martini Recipe

Do you prefer mocktails? No hooch in sight so no hangover the next morning?

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Sugared Cranberries (& a cranberry julep)

I have watched The Family Stone approximately a dozen times this year.

Sugared Cranberry Recipe

I have eaten approximately 478 sugared cranberries, too.

Sugared Cranberry Recipe

Because they’re that darn good.

Tart, sweet, with that fresh cranberry “pop” when you bite into them.

Sugared Cranberry Recipe

Is it too much of a stretch to compare them to SJP’s character in the movie? Almost definitely, but I’m still going to. Although, she was more of the reverse – kind of tart and unappealing on the outside but sweet and good on the inside.

Cranberry Julep Holiday Cocktail Recipe
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Homemade Eggnog (& next year)

I remember such a specific Christmas when I felt I had it all together. My head was fully attached and on straight. Gifts were purchased in June and wrapped in November. The tree was bought and put up the day after Thanksgiving. The lights were on the house and lit every night.

Homemade Aged Eggnog Recipe

I sincerely wonder/hope/pray if my life will ever feel that way again. If the holidays will ever feel that way again. I have great hopes that they will. I understand this is just a busy season in our lives. I also understand that there are positives that can come from this time, that are coming from this time.

Homemade Aged Eggnog Recipe

I’m learning how to focus on what’s really important and let other things go.

I’m taking stock of what I already have and parting with things that no longer move or serve me.

Homemade Aged Eggnog Recipe

I’m getting a jump on planning next Christmas.

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Mulled Wine (& Monday)

Hello and happy Monday!

Is it too early to tell tails? …cocktails, that is?! (Oy, I’m mad at myself for that one.)

I feel like no. Because I spent most of yesterday thinking it was today and now IDK what I’m feeling like today.

Except…maybe a glass of mulled wine. That might feel nice.

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