Thursday Things

  1. How’s everyone faring? How’s everyone feeling? Really and truly it’s important to check on everyone at this time. Leave a comment below and let me know how your head and your heart are doing. I’d love to chat!
  2. To help lighten things up, I’m hosting a fun and funny giveaway on my Instagram. What’s the prize, you ask? Oh, just the COMPLETE SERIES of The Nanny!!! Yes, yes, I know, I know, I am far too generous.
  3. Speaking of generous – if you are able or feel so inclined, there’s a virtual tip jar set up for the employees of a local coffee shop I do work for. You can find it here. Every little bit helps. That includes in your own location too! Shop small, support small, this is the time to think small – for small businesses and their owners.
  4. Going to be making this focaccia because my friend Jen made it on her IG stories the other day and it looks too good not to have. Plus, I need to work with yeast more. Even though I don’t want to. But I want fresh baked bread. But I don’t want to wait 24 hours for it. But it’s better than store bought. These are the things that plague me.
  5. I’ve taken to watching these ridiculously complex choreography routines to relax. And then attempting to recreate them as an exercise in creativity. It’s almost working, despite my lack of rhythm.
  6. I’m a part of a small group of women who are doing a mastermind group in food photography with Sam of Frosting + Fettuccine – it’s so cool to know that I was present (at least virtually) for the styling and photographing of this post. I’m already learning so dang much!
  7. If you’re looking for something to keep you (or your children) occupied during this time – check out my recipe page. There’s a whole host of things to make and many of them use ingredients you likely already have on hand!

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