Strawberry Jam Palmiers

Strawberry Jam Palmiers are the easiest, two-ingredient breakfast that’s sure to impress your Valentine.
Strawberry Jam Palmiers Recipe

I made you Valentine’s Day breakfast! I made you Strawberry Jam Palmiers.

And I only used two ingredients. Because even though I’m a romantic, I’m also a realist. And sometimes lazy. Ok, oftentimes.

Strawberry Jam Palmiers Recipe

Luckily, all the energy I saved by using store-bought puff pastry, I can instead use on loving the stuffing outta you.

Right? Right.

Valentine's Breakfast Ideas

Although, if you wanted to make a quick rough puff pastry for these you totally could. It’s so easy! And buttery! And delicious! It’s what holds all the good filling inside of my Braided Apple Danish. (Another great Valentine’s Day breakfast-in-bedding option!)

But this post isn’t about Danish (though every post should be, imo). It’s about this easy, effortless, two-ingredient Valentine’s Day treat! If you’re not into strawberry jam use raspberry to keep them looking like edible, buttery, flaky little hearts. (I’m not the only one who sees it, right?) Or blackberry jam! Or skip the jam and use Nutella (even though I’m not a fan but that’s a whole other post and soapbox entirely). Personally, I’ll be making a cinnamon sugar version very soon.

Until then, more hearts, more love, more Strawberry Jam Palmiers. Find the recipe I created for Webster’s Marketplace right here!

Romantic Breakfast Ideas
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Happy baking! And Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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