Thursday Things

  1. Guess who knows how to roll the windows down in the car all by himself?
  2. Pyrex followed me on Instagram, so my life is pretty much complete!
  3. Seth and I leave for Door County on Monday and I. Cannot. Wait. There will be crab legs. There will be a fireplace. There will be a spa day.
  4. Tuesday night Seth took me out for a little date night. We had salad, wings, and pizza at the best local brewery. And then shared a jumbo popcorn during Dolittle. Which was a pretty cute movie and one I wouldn’t mind watching with my nieces when they’re older!
  5. Speaking of twins getting older – can we appreciate these two cuties who are my second cousin’s kiddos! They’re just a few months older than my nieces. Their momma has the sweetest custom sign making business. And their aunt owns a wedding venue. Because apparently talent and twins run in our family.
  6. I shared a picture of these yesterday – but here’s the link to my double chocolate brownie pops for your Valentine’s needs! Don’t worry – I’ve got a few more treats headed your way too!
  7. This tweet made me laugh for a solid five minutes. The hardest I’ve laughed in a while. I’m talking sore abs and tears. Seth didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did. But that’s ok. More laughs for me.

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