Thursday Things

Banana Walnut Quick Bread
  1. Whipped up this crazy good banana bread in an hour last Sunday. I’m thinking of sharing the recipe. Who’s interested?
  2. I made that bread right before seeing Charlie Berens. Which happened right before I met him! And got to give him some strawberry jam and cherry bounce!
  3. Yesterday someone parked this close to my driver’s side door at the grocery store – forcing me to climb in through the passenger side. It was totally ridiculous, but totally reminiscent of when I was in high school and I had an old Woody Caravan whose driver’s side door was held on with bungee cords. I only ever used the passenger door then.
  4. Tuesday night I caught Seth singing the New Girl theme song to Edgar, but he changed the words to “Who’s that dog? It’s Edgar!” I’ve never heard anything cuter.
  5. I made a super fun gif/stop motion of some stuffed shells I made earlier this week. Check it in my highlights! (And give me a follow on IG while you’re at it!)
  6. Ya girl got an InstantPot! And promptly got the most terrifying “FOOD BURN” warning the first time I used it. But! I poured a can of beer into the pot and the pork turned out beautifully!
  7. Seth has figured out a new way to make potatoes and they are unbelievable! Like a cross between a potato chip and mashed potatoes. I’m going to wrangle him into letting me shoot them soon so I can share!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Totally interested in the banana bread recipe!
    I had some park too close to me once at thre grocey store, I wasn’t going to climb the seat. I took their license plate number to customer service instead. 🙂

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