Thursday Things

Cheeseboard Charcuterie Board Meat and Cheeseboard
  1. I got the photos back from my last cheeseboard class and I am in LOVE! Gosh, I know some talented folks! (If you’re in the area – be sure to check out Whitney for all your photography needs!)
  2. Finally! She’s here! The range of my dreams! It’s been a week since it was installed (and a week since I answered the door in a towel – those poor delivery men) and I am just in heaven. The quality, power, and style are just unmatched! I can’t wait to really dig into everything this baby can do! It’s got a proofing setting for goodness sake!
  3. Speaking of babies – I had to order a bag of babies for my King Cake-ing needs. How does one review that transaction on Amazon?
  4. My little sister and I are going to see Charlie Berens this weekend and I’m going to have a few words for him about what it means to be Midwest Nice!
  5. I found this dress at Goodwill for $6! And an amazing kaftan for the first day of our cruise. We’re under 45 days until Golden Girls at Sea!
  6. Earlier this week I washed, folded, and put away all my laundry ON THE SAME DAY. Killin’ it in 2020!
  7. In Bed with Nick and Megan is my new podcast listen, obviously! And The Dream – Seth and I dug into that the other day running errands. And, and! Sick. This one. Oooh hoo. It’s all about “what goes wrong in the place meant to keep us healthy.” The first season is about a fertility doctor that was doing some truly terrible things. I blew through six episodes last night!
  8. This was really exciting – TJ Maxx featured one of my photos in their feed! How stinking cool is that?! Go over and give it a like, wontcha?

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