Thursday Things

A food photographer enjoying her job!
  1. My friend/client (and successful restauranteur! And AirBnb owner! And boutique runner!) Matt snapped this pic of me while we were doing some work last year (still so weird to say!) and I high key love it.
  2. Made some mushroom and wild rice soup this week and figured out a secret! Pan roast the ‘shrooms before adding them! They get all roasty and toasty and full of flavor. Then, when the soup is nearly done, you just dump all the roasty bits and flavorful juices into the pot! Life changing.
  3. I’ve been listening to more personal growth and entrepreneurial podcasts as of late. Two new faves? She Makes Money Moves and Goal Digger. What inspirational/informational podcasts do you listen to?
  4. Very into lettuce wraps, atm. Yesterday I made chicken Caesar salad lettuce wraps (and shared the process on my stories – if you’re interested!) and later this week I’ll be make my spicy shrimp lettuce wraps! That bang bang sauce is good good!
  5. THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL. I repeat: THE NANNY IS BECOMING A BROADWAY MUSICAL!!! Fran Drescher is partnering with Rachel Bloom on the project and it’s two of my favorite women from two of my favorite shows working in one of my favorite mediums and omg!!!!!!! Booking my trip to NYC right now!
  6. Speaking of trip – in six short weeks I’ll finally be setting sail with Kristen on the Golden Girls Cruise! Gotta start making cheesecakes now so I’m ready!
  7. A friend of mine told me I should be Mona Lisa from Parks and Rec for Halloween this year and after rewatching some of her episodes…I’m kind of into the idea?!
  8. I’m here to tell you to just send the dang email, ok? The one that we all have sitting in our draft folder, the one that we have a reminder set to send. Just, send it. Ok? Thanks.
  9. I’ve been doing sudoku puzzles every morning for about three months or so and yesterday I had a personal triumph wherein I completed a “hard” level puzzle. Felt good.

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