Holiday Cocktail Trio

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to create a fun, festive holiday cocktail trio! Make one or make them all this year to spread a little holiday cheer!

What kind of cocktail drinker are you?

Do you like a mixologist to make you something that costs $16? With burnt herbs and whipped egg whites and house made shrubs?

Classic Tom & Jerry Cocktail Recipe

 Do you like rail gin with canned tonic and a lime wedge? That comes in a plastic cup and gets set on a cardboard coaster?

Peppermint Mocha Martini Recipe

Do you prefer mocktails? No hooch in sight so no hangover the next morning?

Personally – I like all of the above. I love going to the Patterson House and watching the bartenders meticulously and artfully craft the cocktail I request. I love going on an impromptu bar crawl with friends from college and spending all of $6.50 on a round. I love adding herbal teas and fresh fruits to sparkling water, being sure to serve it in fancy glassware to really treat myself.

Classic Tom and Jerry Cocktail Recipe

Suffice it to say – I like any and all cocktails. (Except maybe a dirty martini because olives are trash.) And I really like these cocktails. No. No, that’s not right. I LOVE these cocktails.

I loved making them. I loved filming them. I loved drinking them when I was done making and filming them.

Peppermint Mocha Martini Recipe

I have no doubt you’ll love them too! They’re perfect for any and all entertaining situations you may find yourself in these next two weeks.

Classic Tom & Jerry Recipe

The Tom & Jerry is an aggressively Midwestern cocktail that is as good for breakfast as it is for after dinner drinks. It warms from the inside out, starting at the soul and heading out towards the bones. (The batter also makes morning coffee that much more festive.)

Poinsettia Cocktail Recipe

The Sparkling Poinsettia is a nod to my former life in SC (did you know the poinsettia is the state flower?!) and a light, bright, bubbly drink that is just begging to be served at a Christmas brunch.

Peppermint Mocha Martini Recipe

Because we haven’t gotten our fill of peppermint mocha recipes yet (will we ever?) – the peppermint mocha martini is a grown-up version of your favorite seasonal coffeeshop order. The candy cane rim is so elegant and delicious and super easy to do!

Watch the full video I created on this Holiday Cocktail Trio for Webster’s Marketplace and grab the recipes right here!

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